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Customer Reviews

Smelly Business ?

March 28, 2021

We’re very happy. The aspect that’s most apparent and wonderful to me is the clean smell of the air. I know the machines are keeping everyone safe (the number 1 reason we have them), but the fact that the place always smells fresh is unbelievable. This is a smelly business. ? A bad ear infection in a big dog has been known to knock people out. Not anymore!!

Hawthorne Animal Health

Dog Odors

August 30, 2019

The system has definitely reduced the “dog” smell in my house from my two labs!

Mike Cerminaro

4 cats and a lab and Surgically Clean Air!

August 26, 2019

We have a busy household and 5 shedding pets.

We are thrilled with the SCA. Machinery. We liked the first one so much we bought two more from Currie Ross.

Thanks guys, phenomenal product!

Steve Dick

Minimized the chemical odours during and after surgeries

March 17, 2019

We wanted to clean our air because in our hospital we encounter a lot of strong odours; fecal accidents from our patients and male cat urine. We also wanted to eliminate waste anaesthetic gas during and after surgery as well as chemicals used when mixing bone cement for orthopaedic surgery, reduce dust and pet dander in our hospital, and also kill any unwanted bacteria hovering in our air. Our Surgically Clean Air purifiers have done a great job with any foul odours that occur in the hospital and you can really tell the difference on how quickly the odour is eliminated when a patient has an accident. It has also minimized the chemical odours during and after surgeries. Dust and pet dander have been reduced in our hospital and we also benefit from a healthier environment due to the bacteria being eliminated. Surgically Clean Air has been a great addition to our pet hospital.

Dr. John Brajkovich, DVM & Staff at Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital

I Wish We Got One Years Ago

October 15, 2017

For over a month now we have had a Surgically Clean Air unit (Cascade White SCA6000C) in our treatment area of our veterinary hospital and love it! The air is so much lighter and cleaner, the odours in the clinic are almost non-existent, and that 2 o’clock wall, that used to make us feel tired, doesn’t seem to come anymore since our air is much cleaner. I wish we would have got one years ago.

Dr. Danny DeRose - Cachet Village Animal Hospital


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