Surgically Clean Air products come with a limited one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship when used in compliance with their user guide. This limited warranty is valid 12 months from date of purchase.

The filters inside the unit must be changed when indicated and with Surgically Clean Air replacement filters only. The recommended filter replacement schedule is listed on Surgically Clean Air’s product user manual and Website. Failure to adhere to the filter schedule will void the limited warranty.  

Surgically Clean Air’s sole obligation under this warranty will be at its discretion to repair or replace the product. The repaired or replaced product will be warranted for the remaining period of the original warranty. Replacement Products may contain new or refurbished parts. The limited 1-year warranty does not apply to any physical damage from dropping, moving, normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, alteration, electrical disturbance, or insertion of foreign object(s). The Product is not designed for or warranted against damage from use in areas subject to extreme temperature, excessive moisture, or other inherently hazardous environments. The Limited Warranty covers normal use only and does not cover replacement filters. 

To qualify for repair or replacement, clients must first go through the troubleshooting process with a qualified representative of Surgically Clean Air (hereafter referred to as “the agent”).  The extent of required troubleshooting is at the discretion of Surgically Clean Air and may be performed in person, phone, email, or video call, as deemed appropriate by the agent.  If troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, an electronic form will be provided by the agent and the form must be submitted for the warranty claim to be processed.

If troubleshooting is completed and the unit is not repaired: Clients are responsible for returning the unit to a Surgically Clean Air repair facility for diagnosis and/or repair. Surgically Clean Air will return the unit back to the client free of charge*. If clients do not have the original packaging, Surgically Clean Air can provide a replacement shipping box for an additional fee. Boxes for returning the unit are available for purchase and subject to availability.


If further inspection of the returned unit affirms that the damage or defect is not due to manufacturer or material defect, all costs of the repair or replacement, including replacement parts, service fees, and shipping costs will be assumed by the client.

If any product is received in damaged condition, documentation of the damage must be submitted to Surgically Clean Air within 10 calendar days of receipt of the product.  Any damage reported later than 10 calendar days following receipt of the product will not be warranted. Please make sure to check all products upon receipt for any signs of damage during shipping.

Products purchased through a Distributor, and not directly from Surgically Clean Air, may be subject to the Warranty specifications of the Distributor and may or may not be covered by Surgically Clean Air. A bill of sale or invoice from the distributor will be required to verify date of purchase and serial number of the unit.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Buyer understands and agrees that the terms and conditions contained herein are subject to change.


*Free Shipping excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.

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