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Customer Reviews

Extremely Happy

April 11, 2022

I have been extremely happy with our Surgically Clean Air units in the office. Many patients have commented on their reassurance about the quality of the air by having a Jade unit in each operatory. I have been amazed that since we have installed the units in the office; we have NO DUST in the office. They really do work!

Keith Climenhaga B.Sc., D.D.S.

We love our Surgically Clean Air Machines

April 4, 2022

We love our Surgically Clean Air machines. When we replaced the filters, we were amazed by the amount of dust and dirt collected! Our patients noticed the difference right away when we got them and the staff feel much better having such clean air the past few years, especially during the wildfires last summer! We were all excited to get to work and breath clean fresh air with no smoke

Mitch- Front Desk- Landmark Dental Clinic

I'm loving my Surgically Clean Air units

March 14, 2022

I’m loving my Surgically Clean Air Jade units. Not only did I put it in my mom’s bedroom who suffers terribly from seasonal allergies, I also put them in my office for the hygienists who now feel much safer!

Dr Bruce Peglar, Tuscany Dental


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