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Particle Counter

The Particle Counter is designed to measure indoor airborne particles from cooking, cleaning, smoke, traffic, and interior decoration. Measure to determine if the air you are breathing contains a considerable amount of pollution.


Premium, advanced air purification system with HEPA filtration! Designed for seamless integration, energy efficiency and maximized air flow while delivering quiet operation. Its built-in sensors proactively monitor the surroundings and clean the indoor air when needed.
Size 2×4: $3,495.00    |    Size 2×2: $2,495.00
*Contact us for a special price on larger orders.


Scaled to suit any sized space from general offices, retail centres, medical practices, assisted living facilities, residential buildings and more. *Available as a Floor Stand or Wall Mount unit.
MSRP $1,295.00
*Contact us for a special price on larger orders.


The ONYXsca is a sleek, robust wall mount air purification system best suited for commercial washrooms, hotel rooms, condominiums and much more. *Only available as a Wall Mount unit.
MSRP $1,295.00
*Contact us for a special price on larger orders.


Ideal for factories, warehouses and distribution centres.

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