York Club

York Club

Surgically Clean Air Refines the Indoor Air at one of Toronto’s Most Refined Social Clubs


The York Club is a private social club that was incorporated on November 22, 1909. It is located in the heart of Toronto, Canada close to the University of Toronto. The club’s stately and historic building was originally constructed between 1889 and 1892 as a residence for businessman George Gooderham Sr. (1830–1905) who was the wealthiest man in the province at the time and had 11 children so needed lots of space. It is still one of the finest buildings in Toronto!

Client need

The Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst to the York Club’s decision to do improve the cleanliness and healthiness of the Club’s indoor air to keep the stately building in top shape for the Members and their Guests.

Surgically Clean Air solution

A key Hospitality Industry expert referred the York Club to Surgically Clean. The York Club, like many other private clubs, wanted to protect their members and guests from airborne illness spread and other contaminants, so they installed 35 Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers to be used throughout the club.


The Club is incredibly happy with their new Surgically Clean Air purifiers.


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