St John’s Prep School

St John’s Prep School

Surgically Clean Air Scores Big in Top USA Prep School


The Xaverian Brothers founded St. John’s in 1907 and their spirit burns as brightly now as it did a century ago. St. John’s Preparatory School has an extremely competitive athletics program, and traditionally has excelled in track and field, football, lacrosse, swimming, baseball, wrestling, rugby and hockey.

Client need

In 2017, the Hockey Team need an air cleaning solution for their Locker Room to keep the players healthy. A hockey team locker room can be a breeding ground for airborne illness and an unhealthy place for top athletes that wish to perform at their best. Strong odors from the athletes as they come in off the ice, and the heavy breathing and proximity of the athletes creates the perfect super spreader environment for person-to-person germ sharing.

Surgically Clean Air solution

St. John’s Prep School installed a Surgically Clean Air Commercial air purifier in the hockey team locker rooms to protect the athletes from the harmful indoor air found in most sports arenas.


Since the installation of the Surgically Clean Air purifiers the coaches and athletes have noticed the difference in the Locker Room air.


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