Dek Smart Railings

Dek Smart Railings

After installing the EcoAir, when we looked up to the windows, there was nothing in the air to see.

Surgically Clean Air


DekSmart Railings is an innovative railing manufacturer located in British Columbia, Canada. Their 20 years of doing business have been associated with style, safety, and durability. They recently moved into a new facility prompted by new growth and exciting changes in their manufacturing process.

Client need

In processing/cutting aluminum railing to size, an air-based suspension is created with harmful shards of aluminum floating in the air. These particles were so prevalent that you could look up through the high windows on the west wall, and you would see the sparkles of aluminum shards suspended in the air in the afternoon shafts of light coming in through the windows. This potent aluminum suspension is incredibly harmful to the employees that work there. In addition, these floating shards and other airborne dust particles compromise the final production step – the powder coating process. As such, the final glossy black decking railings were coming out of the ovens with aluminum sparkles embedded in their finish like sprinkles on a cake, making them unacceptable to sell as an A-grade product.

Surgically Clean Air solution

DekSmart Railings’ shop floor is 30,000 square feet and the installation of a single ECOAIR, and its 15,500 cubic feet per minute capability, provides more than one complete air change per hour.


Within a few days, the employees noticed a difference in the air. They could no longer see the aluminum sparkles in the air, and the powder coating process production worked much better.

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