Bay School of San Francisco

Bay School of San Francisco

Surgically Clean Air Helps San Francisco School’s Make Their Indoor Air as Healthy as the Outdoor Air in Their National Park Setting.


The Bay School of San Francisco is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory high school opened in 2004. The only high school located in a national park and the nation’s largest urban national park in the Presidio. The Presidio is a hub of Bay Area innovation and sustainability. They believe experience is one of the best teachers, so they offer Immersive courses to help students hash out real-world problems, gain a new perspective, and develop insight.

Client need

The Bay School of San Francisco prides itself on its 1,400-acre Presidio campus, which offers a spectacular natural environment for learning and recreation. However, the school also wanted to ensure that their indoor campus air was equally healthy for the students and the staff.

Surgically Clean Air solution

The Bay School of San Francisco Chief Financial Officer paid for 30 Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers to place one (1) unit in every classroom and across the other indoor spaces at the facility.


With the robust air cleaning technology in Surgically Clean Air and the number of units that the school installed, they are getting a remarkably high air change per hour rate, making their indoor air cleaner and healthier. As a bonus, the negative ion generator in the Jade purifiers re-energizes the indoor air much like a waterfall or natural forest or a mountain peak does so that the staff and students can feel as close to being out in the natural park as they can when they are indoors.

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