4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 856 reviews)
Very good2%

Our Rating = 4.9/5

August 27, 2019

Machine works great notice less dust

Dr. Robert Tracogna
August 27, 2019

We’re very happy with the machines and they are running well and doing a great job.

Smile Again Dentures
August 27, 2019

Things are great here at the lab, and I love my air purification 🙂

Cornish Denture Center, Linda Souliere, Owner
August 27, 2019

Since we got our Surgically Clean Air systems installed in our dental laboratory, we have noticed a big difference in the quality of air. We keep getting comments from people entering our laboratory on how fresh the air is. Our Surgically Clean Air systems and Jeff Moore’s customer support have been so exceptional we have installed more of them throughout or other locations. We highly recommend this system to any health care professionals.

Shaw Group Dental Laboratories - Michael Lino
August 27, 2019

Amazing product and even better service by Jeff and the team at Surgically Clean Air. Absolutely love their systems and have invested in them throughout our clinic. Would highly recommend.

Dr. Gurpreet Chohan
August 27, 2019

We mill a lot of zirconia in our lab. Our unit provides clean air and a dust free environment for our employees. Keep up the great work

Mark Peters
August 27, 2019

Very pleased with the product and service. We started using the units years ago and recently purchased several more for new locations and additional space. Currie helped us work through the order expeditiously and timed it along with our construction to ensure timely delivery. Highly recommend for a fresh environment!

Dr Jason T.
August 26, 2019

With Surgically Clean Air unit in the studio my lab is almost literally dust free. Definitely has made a difference and the air has a very clean smell. Love it !

Bill “Buzz” Connell, cdt Jupiter, FL
August 26, 2019

Our unit is working well, patients always ask what it does and when I tell them they are impressed we are cleaning the air.

Dr Peter Stanley
August 26, 2019

We have a busy household and 5 shedding pets.

We are thrilled with the SCA. Machinery. We liked the first one so much we bought two more from Currie Ross.

Thanks guys, phenomenal product!

Steve Dick
August 25, 2019

We did a 7 month renovation last year that we lived through! If it wasn’t for our surgically clean air machine that we purchased from Currie Ross, the experience would have been terrible. Between the destruction and construction, we would have been overcome by the debris and dust from our 100 year old house.

Andy Cleghorn
August 23, 2019

I’ve been extremely happy with the SCA units in my office. Patients and staff love how clean the office air feels and also love knowing we take what they breathe seriously. It’s expected of us to have clean counters and instruments, but clean air goes above and beyond for everyone. The regular machine maintenance service has also been fantastic.

Dr Manor Haas
August 22, 2019

I can definitely say my headaches decreased. We love this machine.

Dr. Christen Dinkha, Perfect Smile Dental Spa
August 22, 2019


August 22, 2019

The Cascade White definitely improved our air quality and is especially noticeable on busy days. A lot of clients compliment it during their visits. I would recommend it for all nail salons and offices.

Bucky Nguyen, Owner @ Glamour Nail Lounge
August 22, 2019

As a foot specialist, I have to contend with very stuffy air due to the dust and also unpleasant odours. Making things worse is the fact that we cannot open our windows due to the noise of loud downtown traffic. I also have staff members that suffer from severe allergies and we have a musty smell coming from the basement of our office that was concerning me. Now that we have Surgically Clean Air, I notice how fresh the air feels when I arrive to the office in the morning. All odours have been eliminated especially those created during a treatment. I no longer experience stuffy air when performing nail dust treatments.

Jagdeep Thakkar, D.Ch. @ Brampton Foot Clinic
August 22, 2019

Surgically clean air has provided us with an amazing air purifier. Our rep is always available to help us out with any questions or tips. We’ve also taken advantage of the other products they sell.

Steven DC
August 22, 2019

We totally notice the difference in air quality. No more constant headaches within co-workers. Air circulation is a lot lighter. Thanks

McCowan Location - Bur Oak Dental - Dental Assistant
August 21, 2019

Noticed a huge improvement in the office air after installation. Excellent customer service from Currie demonstrating maintenance procedures.

Lisa Chong, DDS
August 21, 2019

Had looked at the idea of air quality for a while when some of our staff seemed to have minor respiratory issues.

Low and behold after a short while the symptoms were reduced and then vanished. Our patients also are very impressed that we are helping with their quality of life too!

Highly recommended.

Dr. Stan Tuck, Dentistry at the Mill
August 21, 2019

Dr. Andrea Johnstone Periodontics
August 21, 2019

Very pleased with both units.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc - Ted Clarkson
August 20, 2019

This has been a great addition to the office. I’m in nice office space; however, the building is a bit older and this product really enhances the air flow for the whole office. Many of the staff have personally thanked me for introducing this to our work environment.

Ian Hull
August 20, 2019

Have had a very positive relationship with Currie for many years. She is always available for any necessary follow up. Keep up the good work.

Dr Wayne Carman
August 20, 2019

Have been doing business with Surgically Clean Air for many years and highly recommend them. Staff is amazing, service is awesome and equipment is excellent.

Stephanie Selena c/o Brampton Cosmetic Surgery Center
August 20, 2019

I bought my surgically clean air purifier over 8 years ago and its still going strong. Every two months it needs to be leaned and by the sheer dirt that comes out i know it is working perfectly. Its quiet and I treat it like a piece of furniture now, its a must in a home with three kids and a dog. I will probably buy another one in the near future as they are much smaller and compact but as it stands it is still working and I love it. I wish more businesses, hospitals, schools and general buildings had them. Currie Ross was my salesperson and she has always been there to help when a wheel went missing on the machine or i needed a filter in a pinch. Thanks again.

Lisa Parsons
August 20, 2019

This last March my sewer line stopped up at my dental office. It backed up in the downstairs room that had the cold air return for my heat pump. The heat pump kept running. We had to close the office and replace all the equipment and all the duct work. We had to clean every surface and every drawer. I did a google search in the middle of the night the day it happened trying to find a solution to clean the air in the office. I purchased 4 Jade units and had them installed the day we reopened. I love them and my staff that have allergies, notice a huge difference! I never knew how dirty the air was in a dental office.

French Moore III
August 20, 2019

I adopted the SCA system with my last employer and noticed a significant improvement in air quality. This resulted in a reduction in symptoms for allergy sufferers as well as minimizing the spread of illness during cold/flu season – so less sick time. When I joined LAWPRO, we had similar concerns and after bringing in the SCA system, I believe we’ve had similar results. While it’s difficult to stop dedicated staff from coming to work sick, SCA has helped us protect others from the spread of germs when they do.

LAWPRO - Karen Wood
August 20, 2019

We have 2 white units in the office. We have 3 residential units at home. We love them & because of allergies can’t be without them.

Thank-you all!

Dr. Ron L. Temple
August 19, 2019

Currie Ross has proven to be a godsend for my respiratory health—I purchased the unit in 2015 and can give an unqualified endorsement of performance even surpassing claims. When I see what comes out of the unit, during routine maintenance (super easy!)—construction dust (condo towers!!!), automotive particulate and mystery dust, I know that the efficacy is incredible. AND they stand behind their product. Currie recently arranged for David Gentleman to pick up and refurbish my unit and he did so in lightening fast time. David also is a supreme expert on the product and gave me many useful tips about prolonging the life of the machine.

Pure air and clean water are so fundamental to healthy living—am so thankful I met Currie and SCA!!!

Brian T. Byrne---President, Aviador and Assoc
August 19, 2019

Love our clean air! We’re letting all our patients know!

Dr. Chelsea Mason - Bay City, MI
August 19, 2019

We absolutely love our clean air system. Not only does it take away the dental smell, we’ve noticed that we’re not as tired at the end of the day and our staff get sick much less often. Would definitely recommend!

Angela - Big Rapids Dental Health Care
August 19, 2019

We have a lot of our staff that suffer from allergies. Since installing the air units we’ve found that at work is one of the few places they find relief.

Erica - Reid City Dental Heath Care
August 19, 2019

It’s Perfect !

It gives us air so we can breathe in the city … sleep well.

Dennis & Carole Mc Mannus
August 19, 2019

Dr. Avila
August 15, 2019

Best ever! Rich was amazing ! Super fast and friendly!

August 15, 2019

Family Dental Centre, Belleville, Ontario
August 15, 2019

– great product! we have definitely noticed an improvement in our air quality.

– the regular maintenance is very convenient.

– great service!


Family Dental Centre - Cobourg
August 15, 2019

We like it.

Dr. Jay Petroff
August 14, 2019

Love the machines. Great service.

Eisen Law - Shael Eisen LLB
August 14, 2019

Excellent Service

Thank you


Central Dental Group
August 13, 2019

Our office has nice clean air for our valued patients – they like it.

Sigma Dental
August 13, 2019

Service is wonderful, machine works great and is easy to use. 10/10

Emily Sherwood, Hillier + Hillier
August 13, 2019

Love how it purifies the air and eliminates our ‘dental’ smells.

Abigail Feige DD

Brampton Denture Clinic
August 13, 2019


Charolais Dentistry
August 13, 2019

Able to breathe much better.

Family Dental Care - Dr Qazi
August 13, 2019

Quick great service. Very clean air.

Sue Alonzi
August 12, 2019

I bought the machine because I have severe allergies. I’ve tried a lot of other things as well such as putting a waterfall in. I would recommend these units to anyone who has concerns about air quality. Working with Rob has been fantastic as he cares about the people, not just the sale.

Dr Raj Singh, Vitality Dental
August 12, 2019

We got the machine for our home as my wife has cancer and we have a lot of mold issues in our basement. They have even found mold in her body. While we do feel that we need to do more about our mold issues, our air cleaner has definitely shown its value. My daughter who has severe allergies came over this past weekend and did much better than she normally does.

Norm Kissling
August 12, 2019

Works great, great service with David Gentleman!

Wendy Willis - Orthodontics on Danforth
August 12, 2019

We have had nothing but amazing service and maintenance since starting with Surgically Clean.

Continue what everyone is doing! You are all awesome. 🙂

Danfroth Children's Dentistry - Tamra B
August 9, 2019

Love the easy convenience of having clean air! Everyone at SCA is always very great to work with.

Connie Smith – Jackson Smile Doctors
August 9, 2019

Our machines are extremely quiet. People notice the difference. Rob is very knowledgeable and confident in the product.

Ellen – OM of Dr. John Aurelia
August 9, 2019

Our machines are working great! Rob has been very helpful.

Emily Henion ~ Medema Endodontics
August 8, 2019

We have been really happy with our new Surgically Clean Air machines. The patients appreciate the clean air and the staff feels better. They are easy to clean and maintain. Our building has construction going on and we are not feeling any of the effects of the chemical and dust because we have Surgically Clean Air.

Jeanette Okazaki DDS - Dental & Holistic Health
August 7, 2019

I like them. Been very happy with them.

Dr. Wernette from Lifetime Dental Excellence
August 7, 2019

We implemented Surgically Clean Air’s devices throughout the office because we are concerned about the air that our clients and our workers breathe. The air is cleaned of harmful vapours such as mercury. Also, especially during cold and flu season, we see fewer cases of transmission. Rob at Sugically Clean Air really sat down with us and explained the importance of clean air not only from a clinical point of view but also from a production point of view. All of us can work better with less people going on sick leave. Some people coming to the office have commented how clean our air is! Thank you Sugically Clean Air!

Junction Family Dental Care - A Wholistic Approach to Dentistry
August 7, 2019

We love these machines. They make the office cleaner for both the staff and the patients. We’ve noticed a huge difference in the dental smell. Rob and Sam have given 5 star service the entire time!

Dr. Robert Di Pilla - President of Di Pilla Dentistry
August 7, 2019

The office smells clean and fresh.

Toronto Eye Associates / Clarity Eye
August 6, 2019

The units are quiet! Our air is so much cleaner now, and much less complaining of headaches around the office! Rob & Samantha have had wonderful customer service. They will always return calls and emails.

Jill Hahn at Rivertown Dental Associates
August 6, 2019

I feel it really helps the air quality for my patients and my staff. With so many airborne pathogens it really makes the workplace a safer place

Dr David Cregan - Humbertown Dental
August 6, 2019

Before, I used to walk in every morning and I wasn’t noseblind to the smell of sharpening and sharpening dust. I could smell it every morning when I walked in, especially being in a small confined area. I was unsure if I would actually notice a difference, but I truly can tell how well they work.

NCAA DI hockey program - University of North Dakota
August 6, 2019

Our JADE air purifiers have definitely taken care of our stagnant air and accumulation of dust in our foot care clinic. We no longer have to worry about inhaling nail dust particles and we have already noticed an improvement in our breathing and overall lung health.

Melanie Dykstra, D.Ch. & Debbie Awalt, Manager @ Simcoe Foot Care & Custom Orthotic Centre
August 6, 2019

I like them. Been very happy with them.

Dr. Wernette from Lifetime Dental Excellence
August 6, 2019

Our Surgically Clean Air system works great and the service from Dave is over the top.

Surgically Clean Air systems are located at the following Squire John’s locations:

• Beaver Valley Ski Club

• Georgian Peaks Ski Club

• Craigleith Ski Club

• Main location – Highway 26 – Town of the Blue Mountains

Mark - Squire John's Ski & Snowboard
August 6, 2019

Much less sickness in office!!

Dentistry in Dufferin - Dr. Benjamin vanGalen
August 2, 2019

Air quality tends to suffer when we are teaching a full classroom. In addition, we have to contend with odours and poor air from the neighbours in our building. This has lead to comments and complaints from the parents of our students. We also wanted to provide a clean and germ-free space for our students so they are learning in an optimal environment. Since installing our Cascade White air purifier from Surgically Clean Air, the air smells fresher with no odours present, parents are now making positive comments on the air quality, and we have noticed a decrease in employee sickness. Surgically Clean Air has been a great investment for our classroom!

Linta Lai-Tong, Lead Instructor & Owner, Kumon After School Math & Reading Centre
August 2, 2019

All good! Working well… Good review on maintenance!!

Dr Chester Klos DDS Kiss Dental, Chicago
August 2, 2019

We purchased our Surgically Clean Air unit 9 months ago and can’t believe the difference! Less dust on surfaces, fresher smelling air, and increased patient comfort with our environment and concern for their health and safety. NO MORE DENTAL SMELL from acrylic and resin. We love our unit and would buy again!!

Dr Susan Becker Doroshaw DDS
August 2, 2019

From the moment we purchased our Surgically Clean Air unit, the first thing I thought was how I could have lived without it. It’s by far one of the best purchase’s I’ve made. I will definitely purchase one for home use. If you’re on the fence in terms of purchasing… two words… GET OFF

Dr Gregory Chipp DDS. Ridge Dental Center
August 2, 2019

The air feels fresh!!

Joyful Dental Care
August 1, 2019

Thanks to Currie Ross I can finally breath fresh and clean air. Her explanations and arguments convinced me to invest in a surgically clean air system for our home and what a big difference it make in every room. No more running nose, coughing or sneezing because of allergies or other microbes or germs in the air. So easy to install, choice of level of efficiency and silent operation who could ask for more satisfaction ? Thank you Currie for providing us better and cleaner home environment and comfort.

Claude Jouhannet
August 1, 2019

Currie Ross convinced me to buy a Surgically Clean Air machine. Thank you Currie. I live in an old house which has dust and mites through. The machine turns the air over in my house every 90 minutes. The air quality is significantly better. My sinuses are much better. i sleep better. I have told my friends to call Currie and buy one for their homes.

James Grout
July 31, 2019

Ok, i didn’t think it was possible, but this unit has made a huge difference in the amount of medication or stress i have with my asthma. I can finally sleep and breathe – i actually cant wait unitl i get home – its made the quality of my life better. Thank you and your customer service and support is beyond amazing. Love it !!!

Mehrzad Midavoodi
July 31, 2019

I love my unit, not only does it allow me to sleep better and breathe easy, I can see that my air is actually cleaner. No dust, fresh air, more energy and we are all enjoying a full year without stuffy noses. I recommend this for everyone.

Manuela Marcheggiani
July 31, 2019

Since having the Surgically Clean Air Purifier installed in our office we have noticed a significant difference. Our air feels noticeably lighter, staff are no longer suffering from frequent headaches, dry eyes, and fatigue. Richard helped to make our decision and our transition a breeze! Many thanks!! We truly appreciate all your hard work and effort!!

Dr Esam Shawky
July 31, 2019

Excellent customer service by David Gentleman. We would recommend the unit very highly. ?

World Dental Clinic - Thornhill, Ontario
July 31, 2019

Good Quality. Excellent Service. Overall very happy with the product.

EndoClinic - Dr Sbeih
July 29, 2019

Pam Tinkess - PLATINUM UNLIMITED (Toronto, Canada)
July 29, 2019

SLEEGERS manufactures propane motor fuel tanks for numerous OEM applications employing processes such as cutting, welding, grinding, polishing, powder coating and more. All of these processes contribute to suspended particulate in our indoor air environment, from the visible to the ultra fine non-visible. We currently have four EcoAir units filtering a total of four million cubic feet of plant air every hour. Our EcoAir units are capable of filtering fine suspended particulate found in welding fumes that are as small as 0.3 micron in size. EcoAir is a simple, yet effective, method of improving indoor air quality in large manufacturing spaces. We have also experienced a noticeable improvement in our powder coating area where at one time, fine weld particulate would quickly foul our ultra-white top coat therefore requiring frequent powder clean outs. Today, we are able to operate for extended periods of time before a powder booth clean out is necessary.

Taylor Granger
July 24, 2019

July 23, 2019

Happy to create a healthier work environment.

Dr. Jeffrey K Colburn DDS
July 22, 2019

My adult son has always suffered from congestion and sensitivity to dust, so for Christmas I bought him this air purifier and he loves how good he feels now. It has made such a difference to his sleep as well. Also, when he needed to replace the filter the delivery process was quick and easy. I cannot recommend this product enough.

Karen Moffat
July 19, 2019

We have been extremely pleased with the performance and the service.

Dr. Gerd Oster
July 18, 2019

The lack of clean, suitable, and breathable air for my patients and staff made me look into air purification for my foot clinic. There are also large amounts of dust in the air after treatments, especially after drilling nails. I also was interested in how Surgically Clean Air purifiers eliminate germs and quickly get rid of unwanted odours. We needed purified clean air. Plain and simple. Now that we have implemented Surgically Clean Air the air is noticeably cleaner. My patients and staff are happy and breathing easier. We have even noticed a reduction in sick days.

Ali Bandali, D.Ch., Pickering Foot Clinic in Pickering, Ontario
July 18, 2019

I have been so pleased with the Surgically Clean Air purifier in my dental clinic. The air is noticeably lighter and easier to breathe since the units were installed. Best of all, the customer service this company offers is exceptional. Rich has been great at delivering, installing and explaining maintenance of the units to me and my staff. Looking forward to a long future of cleaner air!

Dr. Ordog
July 15, 2019

Awesome product! Highly recommend to any dentist who wants to provide another layer of protection for themselves as well as their team members and patients.

Dr. Brian Olitsky
July 11, 2019

Seems to be working OK. Cleaning is somewhat cumbersome for us–regular size sink, large fin units. Quiet machines.

SCA always responded to our requests, questions, emails, etc. Members were here on timely basis.

Karen Krupa, Practice Manager at Pound & Pound Family Dentistry

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Thank-you for your review Karen. The beauty about the Cascade White SCA6000C is that the Electronic Cell can be swapped out for a HEPA-Rx filter. The HEPA-Rx filter only needs to be replaced once a year as there is a very significant surface area. This should help immensely as there is no cleaning of the cell required.

July 11, 2019

Within 24 hours there was a huge improvement in the air quality in our dental office. It is especially evident now that it is hot and humid outside and we still have excellent air quality inside. I would like to thank Rich at Surgically Clean Air for being such a great brand ambassador and convincing me to make the purchase.

Dr. D. Reid Turner
July 10, 2019

I have SCA units at my office and at home. Both units do a great job. We notice at the office that it smells fresher!

Alexa Vitek-Hitchcock

Vitek Family Dentistry - Michigan
July 10, 2019

The experience is that after hooking it up for 24 hours I came back in the morning and all the stink – all the acrylic smell and the propane smell was gone. It definitely feels like the air is cleaner here. People have less headaches and everybody loves the machine. I am extremely happy I made the investment in it.

Marty Mckenzie

Mckenzie Dental Laboratory (Bangor, Maine)
July 10, 2019

The machines seem to perform well. I like that it tells you when it needs cleaning. The true test will be to see if my employees get sick less! As of now, I have seen a great improvement in nasal irritants when I enter the office for the day. The team at SCA is great! Very prompt!

Ross Reid ~ Dr / Owner at Austin & Reid Dental Care
July 10, 2019

I have had a great experience thus far with the machines. I had a chronic cough that went away after a few days of having them in my office.

Orthodontist at Grand River Orthodontics, Heather Gietzen
July 9, 2019

When we walk into the office there is no more dental smell. The air just smells fresh.

Rob Swartz ~ OM at Progressive Dental
July 8, 2019

Our reps noticed it smells even cleaner than before. I like that I can tell patients about it. Rob and Sam can be hard to connect with at times but wonderfully nice. I know they are super busy though.

Jennifer White-Seymour ~ Owner at Brite White Dental
July 8, 2019

We are just starting to use our filters/machines, but we can notice a difference already! (It has already minimized the odor of our autoclave). Samantha was amazing at responding in a timely manner to help us purchase and set up our filters.

Ashley Mauchmar ~ Tip of the Mitt Orthodontics
July 7, 2019

The machines seem to be well made at this point. I think I will need one more unit to take care of the square foot area I have.

Paul Racine ~ Owner at Vienna Dental
July 7, 2019

Surgically Clean Air was wonderful and responsive in a timely manner when we had an issue with one of our units. They kept in constant communication until the issue was resolved.

Ingrid Moeggenberg ~ Dental Assistant at Dr Bruce Lee DDS
July 6, 2019

Quiet modern looking produces clean air! Sam is great and very easy to work with!

Thomas Kwong ~ Owner at Oakland Dr Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
July 5, 2019

1 Cascade and 3 Jades; the Cascade is great for the overall office, but in endo having a machine in each room is important since many of the teeth we work on are very stinky. The Jades prevent the smells from getting out of the rooms and the Cascade fine tunes it all. We had a couple of glitches with the order, but they got it quickly resolved.

Lindemann Root Canal Specialists: Matt Lindemann (owner)
July 3, 2019

It’s life changing and has helped decreased sickness and lost of productivity from work. I recommend it to everyone. Rob and Samantha have been fantastic to work with!! They are amazing, thorough and very knowledgeable.

Dorothy Vong ~ Cavity Buster at VL Dental in CA
July 3, 2019

Quiet and moves good air. Bought the units in the spring so waiting to see how they perform during flu season.

Steve Sterlitz, Clinical Assistant Professor of Univ of Michigan Dental Faculty Associates
July 3, 2019

The machines are working very well. My experience with Rob and Sam was excellent.

Integrative Dentistry - Svetlana Yesin, Dentist/Owner
July 2, 2019

I had a dental rep visit my practice and he said, “Your office is different from other dental offices, you can feel the difference, it really shows people you care about their health.”

I had no idea the air was so dirty, it is amazing what these units take out of the air.

Smiles of Cary, Dr Charles Ferzli - North Carolina
July 2, 2019

Have Surgically Clean Air in our dressing room. It has made a big difference in keeping our players healthy.

University of Michigan Athletics - Ian Hume - Equipment Manager
July 2, 2019

My Surgically Clean Air system has been a great addition to my dental practice. My office no longer smells like a dental office.

Florida Smiles Dental - Dr. Peter Scerbo, DMD, P.A
July 1, 2019

The particulate count in our bulk goods storage was so high that it was causing breathing issues, Everyone was coughing. EcoAir filtered the particulate from the air we breathe”

Canadian Tire
June 18, 2019

A breath of fresh air at our dental office! Surgically Clean Air is a medical grade air purifier to keep our staff and patients breathing the freshest air possible.

Dr. Michelle Swift Corcoran, Lake Charles, LA USA
June 18, 2019

Dr. Matt Young here from downtown San Francisco in our brand new facility. We have our Surgically Clean AIr unit here. Thank-you very much Kelly for getting it set up. Our air is nice and clean – we feel good. Right now there are very big California wildfires going on outside. My kid’;s schools are shut down and a lot of activities are shut down. We really feel bad for all the families that have lost their homes. My dog is here at the office – with Surgically Clean Air we are able to keep things nice and fresh so we are able to work, but other businesses and practices have had to shut down. We appreciate the ability to keep things nice and fresh during these tough times. Thank-you very much and have a great day.

Dr Matthew Young - Dentist - San Francisco
June 18, 2019

You can feel the difference in the air quality and how it makes you feel by having Surgically Clean Air in the room.

VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS - Chris Davidson Adams - Head Equipment Manger
June 18, 2019

When I arrived last fall at the CFPM conference I was relieved to learn of Surgically Clean Air and that there is in fact a solution to eliminate the particles I am breathing in as a foot specialist. I have asthma and I was having sinus issues which I attributed to the very dense air in my treatment room. After using my surgical tools, it felt like there was a cloud of smoke hovering in the air. I am looking forward to breathing cleaner and healthier air while also offering a healthier environment for my patients. Since implementing my JADE air purifier, it has made my air feel lighter and increased my confidence in using my drill. The thought of improving respiratory health for my patients gives me great peace of mind.

Kara Fillier, B.Sc. D.Ch. @ BioPed in Sudbury, Ontario
June 12, 2019

The thought of air purification interested me because I have been experiencing bouts of coughing during my work days. I have been looking for a solution to eliminate dust in my office as a way to improve my symptoms. Since installing my JADE air purifiers from Surgically Clean Air I am coughing far less often, they have helped with my allergies, and there is a noticeable reduction in treatment room odours. When a treatment room odour is present the air purifiers get rid of the smell very quickly. Patients now comment to me how good it smells in our office.

Sarah Robinson, D.Ch. @ The Foot Clinic in Wasaga Beach, On
June 12, 2019

As soon as the machines were installed and running the whole office noticed a difference in the quality of the air. I would definitely recommend SCA to any dental practice with patients that breath!

Heritage Hill Dental
June 4, 2019

I met Rich at the ODA conference, and we ordered 3 units. We noticed an almost immediate difference in our air quality.

Though the product is amazing, I can’t say enough about the service, we were kept well informed throughout the entire process, everything promised was delivered.

Great experience all around.

Mathieu Bournival
June 3, 2019

We have a dental practice in a mall setting. Unfortunately, we are sandwiched between two restaurants. In March 2019, our neighboring falafel restaurant burned down one night, causing extensive smoke and soot damage to our clinic from the thick, spreading smoke overnight.

We had to be shut down for a while for a massive professional restoration and cleanup, but with two units from Surgically Clean Air purifying the air in our office 24/7, we noticed a change in the air we breathe in just a few days.

After seeing how dirty the filters were at cleaning time after just 6 weeks of work, we were convinced these units are essential for air quality inside a closed office environment, especially if you can smell your neighbors cooking odors!

Richard Chick was great to work with and installed two units within 24 hours of placing the order, and was also helpful when he demonstrated the filters cleaning routine.

I recommend the Cascade White unit from Surgically clean air for all dental practices to improve air quality not just for the patients but also for all the dentists and staff that spend many hours each week inside, breathing processed air.

Bonus: Reusable filters

Drs. Sherin and Vipul Shukla
May 31, 2019

The boys back in our printing shop love the cleaner air ever since our Surgically Clean Air Purifier was installed. They noticed quite a difference and would not be without it now. All you have to do is look at how dark our filters get which is the stuff that the guys are not breathing in.

Dave Gedeon - Battlefield Press
May 23, 2019

Very happy with the system. Excellent and professional service throughout: thoughtful, detailed, prompt – all done with courtesy and in a timely manner. Your service technician could not have been more professional or helpful.

Dana Checiches - Little Italy Dental Practice
April 29, 2019

After seeing what comes off of the filter, I can’t imagine working in an environment without it!

Emily Trohatos, Orthodontics on Danforth
April 22, 2019

We are extremely happy with the investment we’ve made in Surgically Clean Air. Since receiving our air purifiers we have not had any absent teachers or children due to illness. The teachers love these machines!

Christine Wang @ Century Private School, Richmond Hill, Ontario
April 12, 2019

We’ve been using the Surgically Clear Air Cascade unit in our dental office for about 7 months. Air quality seems to be better. Definitely can tell it’s working as there is a noticeable amount of dust and debris in the filters when completing regular cleaning maintenance. Good to know we are doing what we can to purify the air for our staff and patients.

Limestone City Dental


Response from Surgically Clean Air

Nice to hear all the positive comments.

March 29, 2019

Surgically clean air filters are superior and more advanced than most , since they were put in my office my patients comment on how fresh it feels and smells clean. Surgically clean air filters make for a safe office and work environment. Jeff was amazing and explained throughly how the filters worked ,he made the experience of purchasing the filters easy

Gian Sementilli Denturist

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Thanks for the review Gian. It is always good to hear positive feedback about our hard working reps.

March 26, 2019

Since we have been using your unit we have had no one complain about smells in our office and my staff feels like our air is way better.

Cynthia Rohrer LD
March 22, 2019

Even if I was skeptic at the beginning’ the purchase of these air purifiers is a remarkable improvement in our clinic.

Since the installation , employees complaints about having headache at the end of the day has reduced drastically.

so I feel confident about purifying our surgical rooms, in order to provide our patients the most optimal secure environnement that they deserve .

Miss Ross ( our representative) was very professionnal in the course of our purchase

Dr Alain Leduc

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Always a good feeling to convert a skeptic!

March 20, 2019

great service, quick shipping and easy trouble shooting. Mike Ferry is always a joy to deal with

March 18, 2019

It’s interesting, I took our unit home for the long weekend to get the air back to a healthier level after the fires. I went to the office today and we noticed odors that we didn’t notice before like all of the smell of new equipment, cabinets and painting. It really makes a dramatic difference.

Matthew R Young DDS Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology
March 18, 2019

We love it! Everyone is very happy and we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from our patients, which makes it all the more worthwhile.

Gina - Office Manager, Periodontics and Implantology, Dr. TJ Megas
March 18, 2019

Surgically Clean Air is the Best investment I have made for the health of my Patients and Team. I think it should be the standard of care for air quality in health care facilities.

MySmileCare - Dr. Dheeraj Pamidimukkala - Westford, MA
March 18, 2019

My allergies have been bad for years and I had been taking medication for as long as I can remember. The first day Dr. Whitcomb and Dr. Viola brought in the Surgically Clean Air units my breathing was better. By the 3rd day I had gone off Zyrtec all together I and I felt better than I had in a long time.

Nikki, Front Desk Coordinator, Nashua Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry
March 18, 2019

We can’t ask your staff to pour out care and concern for our patients if we as owners are not doing that for our staff. Surgically Clean Air shows them that we value them as people not just employees.

“If I had asked the people what they want, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford.

Dream Big!

Dr. Jim McDonnell - The Smile Lodge Pediatric Dentistry
March 18, 2019

The surgical clean air in my home has been one of the wisest moves I have made for creating a healthy inside environment.

It has replaced 3 smaller filters I had been using.

My sleep is better and I am less congested.

In the office, the quality of the air is noticeably better and as a laser provider, it assist with laser plume removal and adds to the environmental air quality for staff and patients.

In addition, the support and sales staff are top notch.

Martin A Kaplan DMD Pediatric Dentist and Director of Dental Laser Surgery for the American Board of Laser Surgery
March 17, 2019

I have my Surgically Clean Air unit at the house, Thanks again Kelly, I love this thing!!

Eva Bleich
March 17, 2019

Home benefit- Surgically Clean Air appears to pick up known and unknown allergens (all three of us have environmental and seasonal allergies)- so far my husband has seen a great improvement. My daughter and I have spring and summer allergies.

Dental Office benefits – the units pick up dust produced during our surgical procedures, circulates healthier and cleaner air.

Both places- air feels ‘lighter’ and easier to breathe.

Dr. Flora Ocampo Oral Surgeon, North Shore Oral Surgery Group
March 17, 2019

Surgically clean turned our basement recreation room from an avoidance to a room of enjoyment. We are once again using our pool table, work out room and large screen television with the purest air from surgically clean!

Lois Powers
March 17, 2019

We were one of the first offices in our area to purchase the SCA Cascade White for our clinical areas and two of the Carbon Granite units for our front desk area and waiting room. Patients are fascinated with the technology and appreciate the fresh, clean air vs. the typical dental office scent. These units are ideal for minimizing contaminants and preventing the spread of colds and flu to patients and our team members.

With regular maintenance these quality machines are functioning beautifully 1.5 years after installation. They are whisper quiet on the lowest setting and run smoothly on high when needed. The sleek design of the Cascade White fits perfectly into our modern office and the Cascade Granite takes up minimal space in small areas.

The service provided by Kelly at SCA has been exceptional. She is readily available to answer all our questions and to order supplies. A pleasure to have in our office and very respectful of staff and patients in our busy practice. A great product and a great company!

Robert J. Perreault, DDS – Atkinson Dental Health Center
March 17, 2019

We have had our Surgically Clean Air unit for about 2 months and have been really happy with the results. We run 2 triple head skate sharpeners everyday and this has really cleaned up the air quality. We even had an employee come down with the flu and was down for a week and no one else in the store got sick,m so I credit this unit for making that happen.

Andy Scoggins, Owner, PSB Pro Services
March 17, 2019

We wanted to clean our air because in our hospital we encounter a lot of strong odours; fecal accidents from our patients and male cat urine. We also wanted to eliminate waste anaesthetic gas during and after surgery as well as chemicals used when mixing bone cement for orthopaedic surgery, reduce dust and pet dander in our hospital, and also kill any unwanted bacteria hovering in our air. Our Surgically Clean Air purifiers have done a great job with any foul odours that occur in the hospital and you can really tell the difference on how quickly the odour is eliminated when a patient has an accident. It has also minimized the chemical odours during and after surgeries. Dust and pet dander have been reduced in our hospital and we also benefit from a healthier environment due to the bacteria being eliminated. Surgically Clean Air has been a great addition to our pet hospital.

Dr. John Brajkovich, DVM & Staff at Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital
March 17, 2019

I recently implemented the Jade system in both my home and Foot Clinic. I have noticed a huge change at both locations. At home, I have two cats and since using the Jade there has not been any accumulation of cat hair/dust mites on my hardwood floor. The air legitimately feels cleaner. At work, my treatment rooms are no longer dusty with nail particulate, which in turn means I’m no longer breathing it in during the day. Purchasing the Jade for business and personal use has been one of the greatest investments to date. The customer service has been incredible. Stephan is friendly, extremely thorough, and patient. Thank you!

Lisa Hayashi, D.Ch. at Appleby Foot Care & Orthotics in Burlington, On
March 16, 2019

We have an area of our facility that includes a library book return kiosk. We looked into cleaning the air for this area because of the stale air and odours being produced. Our Surgically Clean Air purifier has taken away the odours and the air quality is noticeably better. There is no more stale air. It has been well worth the investment.

Mike Besic, Operations Manager @ Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in Oakville, Ontario
March 15, 2019

I have to have air purification otherwise there is just way too much dust. We definitely benefit from our Surgically Clean Air purifier’s ability to minimize dust and also helps cut down on the unwanted odours. We are very happy with the machine.

Chris, Denturist at Smile Designs in Guelph, Ontario
March 15, 2019

We pride ourselves on offering a clean and sterile environment for our staff and patients. We chose Surgically Clean Air to clean our air due to the amount of dust produced during our treatments and it’s important for us to minimize the harm caused to our specialists. We are very happy with the results we’ve received from our air purifier so far.”

Bianca Charles & Andrew Charles, Owners @ Feet First Clinic in Toronto, Ontario
March 15, 2019

We have less of a chance of getting infected from aerosol viruses and bacteria and that makes me and my staff happy and working in a better place. So the technology is very good and I think that is awesome.

Dr Edward J. Ambis, DDS - Center for Dental Medicine
March 13, 2019

Like the machine but the service is terrible.. Save your noney


Response from Surgically Clean Air

Thank-you for your feedback. Upon reaching out to you in person we collectively learned that your poor service experience was not with Surgically Clean Air, but a large dental distributor. I am glad we could clarify the situation AND that you do in fact like the air purifier in your dental office.

March 12, 2019

Due to our boiler system, we experience a lot of dust in our home, which is why we considered air purification. Plus, with pets in the house, it causes a lot of dander and pet allergens. Since adding our Surgically Clean Air purifiers we’ve noticed a lot less dust and we like knowing that it is removing pet allergens from our air.

Chris in Michigan
March 12, 2019

In dentistry, there are a lot of airborne chemicals and pathogens that were concerning to us plus the instances where patients come to our office with cold and flu bugs. Since getting our air purifier, the clinic smells a lot fresher and the air feels much lighter. We now have peace of mind knowing that we are cleaning the air for our patients and our staff.

Dr. Nasser Jafari, DDS & Farnaz Jafari at North Hill Dental in Richmond Hill, Ontario
March 12, 2019

I have a lot of dust in my condo because of my gas fireplace and I was looking for a solution to rid myself of it. Since getting my JADE air purifier from Surgically Clean Air I can say that my dust levels have been reduced significantly and I continue to test out different speeds to further reduce the dust. My SCA Rep, Stephan, has helped me out with this and has been very conscientious and I really appreciate his efforts and the level of service I have received from him.

Don Byron
March 11, 2019

I have two units , one for the bedroom

Area and on for the living area. My daughters room

No longer smells ( like a teenager), I have two dogs and there seems to be less dander, and I breathe better , especially noticeable in the night andnon waking not being stuffed up!

Jill Johnson
March 11, 2019

Since getting our Surgically Clean Air purifier we have noticed better air quality and, as a staff, we have experienced less sickness and less days off due to illness.

Dr. Wendy Tavares, DMD at Derry Heights Dental in Milton, Ontario
March 11, 2019

We have had 2 Surgically Clean Air purifiers since early 2015 and have noticed a positive change in the quality of air throughout our office area. It is comforting for our patients to see the purifiers present and to know that their overall health is just as important to us as their oral health while visiting our dental and denture office. And of course, our staff appreciate the fresh air environment to work in!

Dr. Kalvin Bonnell, DDS & Daryl Bonnell, DD at The Dental & Denture Office
March 8, 2019

Mike has always been on top of our orders, never have had a delay.

East Hill Family Dental

March 8, 2019

We have had a carbon granite unit in our house for about one year and we are quite happy with it. Especially over this past with extensive renovations to our house, we have appreciated all of the gunk that the unit has filtered from our air. It has operated smoothly, efficiently and quietly throughout the year. The indicator lights for cleaning or replacing filters are very handy. I am seriously considering getting a unit for my office as well.

Peter N
March 8, 2019

I deal with Mike and he’s always so prompt at returning my emails and a pleasure to deal with. Surgically Clean Air has great products with excellent prices!

March 7, 2019

The machine works incredibly well and its very quiet being on 24/7.We use this unit in a dental lab setting and has made a noticeable difference.The company stands by their product 100% and have outstanding customer service!!A must have for dental laboratories!!

AlphaDent Dental Design – Dental Lab

March 7, 2019

I do notice a great improvement in dust and odor control at both home and office with the air filters. The overall quality of air seems cleaner and fresher. I’m very satisfied with the air filter system and would recommend it’s use at both home and office


Dr Dan Makenna

Dr Dan Makenna
March 7, 2019

The air quality in our office has dramatically improved thanks to our Surgically Clean Air units. We can now confidently breathe the air in our office knowing it is the healthiest it can be!!

Dr. Thomas
March 7, 2019

We operate in an office with lots of dust due to nail particles and we’ve been using lower grade air purifiers to try and solve our problem but we found that it just wasn’t doing enough. The wellness of our staff is important to us and for that reason we had been looking for a better solution. Now that we have Surgically Clean Air purifiers there is noticeably less dust, the air feels cleaner, and our office smells better too.

Stuart Berry, BSc (Hons) Pod and Des Armstrong, Office Manager at The Footcare Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario
March 7, 2019

Since implementing our Surgically Clean Air purifiers we have noticed significant changes for the better. We, as a staff, no longer hit that 3 pm wall. It has definitely improved our energy levels. Even our patients have commented on how much the air feels lighter and fresher. Well worth the investment!

Dr. Rano Burton, Glasgow Orthodontics, Kitchener, Ontario
March 7, 2019

I have been enjoying the air quality benefits from Surgically Clean Air both in my office and in my home. It has reduced sick days for staff and is acknowledged and appreciated by patients.

Dr. Joseph Mendolia
March 5, 2019

We love it! Especially how quickly it removes odors. I highly recommend Surgically Clean Air!

Dr. Calvin Tham - North Delta Dental
March 5, 2019

The Surgically Clean Air purification system have made a huge difference for our lab and employees. The machines do an amazing job cleaning the air! The staff are working longer, feeling better, and appreciating the clean air since we put the units in our lab. These should be required in all labs. Our lab is the cleanest in the region!

Allen Won - Motoyoshi Dental Laboratory
March 5, 2019

From the moment we contacted Surgically Clean Air to installation, Richard was always available whenever we had a question. He certainly knows the products & air quality studies that motivated us to choose cleaner air. He is super prompt on returning emails & easy to work with. We recommend Surgically Clean Air whenever we have the chance.

Natalie - Dr Gatchell
March 4, 2019

My salesman, Jeff Moore, is very passionate and supplied lots of scientific evidence for the need for your products. As a practicing dentist, I find it sad and misguided how aggressive our regulatory bodies are about sterilization of (only some) dental instruments while ignoring the greater concern for the environment in which we work all day.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Health Dept. offered to measure ( for free, of course) the air quality of our offices and point us to your products !

Dr. David Rawson, DDS London ON
March 4, 2019

My decision to purchase a Surgically Clean Air unit for my endodontic practice was one of the best purchasing decisions I have ever made. My office smells fresh and my team and I are not as tired at the end of the day. One of the biggest advantages is that with the large number of sick patients that present to us for treatment during the winter, knowing that our air is surgically scrubbed every 30 minutes allows me and my team to stay healthy and producing at full capacity.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. (Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics) King Endodontics, LLC
March 4, 2019

Since purchasing a SCA unit we have had fewer staff off sick.

Quality of the air is so much better in the office.

We are very happy with our systems.

Diane Labao - Hull & Hull LLP
March 2, 2019

Patients use to complain about the smell when they walked into the office. The Surgically Clean Air Machines remove all the smell and odors from the office, patients are happier and we can all breath easier.

Kim Foster - Office Manager Denture Services NW
March 1, 2019

Awesome machines! It took me 30 seconds to buy two machines when I met Bob at the Denturist Association Conference last fall. We love it! Never turn them off!

Newton Denture Clinic

Bairaj Gill
February 28, 2019

For the most part, our patients are conscious about the air quality around them. They seem to really appreciate the fact that our office cares too!

Dr. Jacquelyn Amos - Amos Family Dentistry
February 28, 2019

Thank you for introducing us to the Surgically Clean Air machine. We have been enjoying the machines greatly.

If we get some smoke from our wood insert I just turn on the machine and in no time the smell is gone.

I rely on it to clean up the air from contaminants that may have come in and I know it has done the job in the past from experience. Great machine!

Richard was also very business-like, very friendly, and helpful unpacking and setting up the Surgically Clean Air and giving instructions.

Thank you Richard.

Norma Berwick – Nova Scotia
February 28, 2019

Surgically Clean Air has truly provided a “breath of fresh air” within our office since we installed 2 units roughly 2 years ago. The air is noticeably crisp, and don’t even get me started about the particles that are captured and cleaned on a monthly basis. Employee sick days appear to have decreased, and energy levels may have even increased!

Dr. Jeff Vachon - Vachon Dental, Manchester, NH
February 28, 2019

As someone that has worked in a dental Laboratory for over 20 years, I know how important air quality is and I have always been stressed about the long term effects of the air I breathe. After Kelly Hayes came in and educated me on my laboratory’s air quality and gave me a solution to improve it. I joined Surgically Clean Air and I have been forever grateful.

Patty Webster, Owner, The Incisal Edge Leicester, MA
February 28, 2019

My team loves the surgically clean air unit and they especially love knowing that they work in a place that has the cleanest air possible!

Dr. Laurie Rosato DMD, Concord, NH
February 28, 2019

The air quality has improved immensely. There is very little dust, and despite having 11 employees in a small office, there has been very little issue with contagious & infectious disease. Mr. Gentleman is a pleasure.

Shael Eisen LL.B
February 28, 2019

The surgically clean air purifier has been a great addition to the office. I am confident that the air quality has improved. A noticeable change when you walk in the office first thing in the morning.

Nobleton Dental Clinic – Dr Vanessa Hollander

Vanessa Hollander
February 28, 2019

Jim was very helpful and knowledgeable when helping us with our air filter! Jim was very informative when answering our questions and he made sure to perform our cleaning effectively and efficiently. He didn’t take any short cuts when it came to cleaning our product and we cannot recommend these products enough! This air filter makes such a difference in our dental office and we proudly share our air filter with our patients and peers when asked about our air quality. Wonderful products with wonderful staff to help us whenever we need them!

Skylar Laney
February 28, 2019

I’ve been using Surgically Clean Air units in my home since October 2018. My chronic cough in the dental office has plagued me for years. It would start within 5 minutes of entering. Within 48 the cough was gone. wow! It had been so bad I had a hard time carrying on a phone conversation. Thank you so much.

Dr Bob Scharp
February 28, 2019

I attended a head and neck dissection course last year. There were over 20 human heads bathed in Formalin in a small classroom. No one was wearing masks because there was NO ODOR. I could not believe it. This classroom had a Surgically Clean Air unit running in the back of the room. It inspired me to purchase a unit. In my private practice, I have several salt water tanks. When you enter my office, it smells first of salt water, then a hint of eugenol/dental office. I mean it USED to smell. Gone within the first day of installing our Surgically Clean Air. Thrilled with the product and the company management. I can’t comment on how much health benefits will result from chronic use, but patients comment all the time “how come your office doesn’t smell like a dental office”. Great purchase for us.

Kevin Mullin DDS
February 27, 2019

I honestly feel Surgically Clean Air is the reason I have not gotten sick during this bad cold and flu season.

Before we got Surgically Clean Air I used to get sick a lot, being an Orthopedic Assistant the cold and flu season always hits us hard because we are a very busy practice and we see a lot of kids!

Erika Kirby - Orthopedic Assistant - Viktoria P Talebian, DMD, Specialist In Orthodontics
February 27, 2019

I would recommend the Surgically Clean Air Purifier, the unit has helped me greatly with my Asthma, due to cigarette smoke infiltrating in my apartment.

Mientje Reijnier
February 27, 2019

It is comforting to know we have Surgically Clean Air during this really bad cold and flu season, it is running through our area worse then we have ever seen before. Patients are calling in to change their appointments because they are so sick, and some still come in with it and our entire team has not gotten sick. We know it works!

Dust and particulate capture are very important to Dr. Abreu, he has done his research, he knows how dangerous it can be — we can see the amount of dust and particulate taken out of the air every month, it is really impressive.

Jean - Office Manager Ireland Grove Dental
February 27, 2019

We decided that cleaning the air was a priority because of the importance we place on the health of our staff. In orthotic manufacturing, we produce large amounts of dust and have to deal with strong chemical odours due to the use of adhesives. These strong odours are also present in our offices not just in our manufacturing facility. Since implementing Surgically Clean Air purifiers, we no longer have to deal with any chemical smells and our staff have made comments on how much lighter the air feels due to the amount of dust these machines pull out of the air. Even our clients that drop by have noticed how much cleaner the air feels. We should have done this a long time ago!

Global Orthotics Team
February 27, 2019

Thank you very much to our support/salesman Jeff Moore for providing top notch service when purchasing our Surgically Clean Air Unit for our home. He really cares about helping improve the quality of air you breath and all the benefits it has for your health! Jeff was awesome to answer all our questions and help us with follow up support. Jeff brought a machine to our house for a demo, he tested the air quality before he turned the unit on and after the unit was running for 15 minutes. We immediately noticed a difference in the air quality in that room. This helped us see how the unit worked, and we noticed the air was lighter and that fresh air smell was great! We are very happy with the performance of our Surgically Clean Air Unit! We have noticed a difference in the quality of air in our house, it’s much lighter and cleaner. I have noticed less dust on the furniture…less dusting required!! We are very happy with our air cleaner that we hope to purchase a second one for the main floor! I haven’t been sick with the bad flu virus this season since we’ve purchased the unit!! It’s amazing to see how much dirt and debris is in the air! We are thrilled to see that the unit is doing it’s job. Jeff Moore is very knowledgeable regarding these units and their applications and is always available for support! I highly recommend to anyone. Thanks so much!

February 27, 2019

We met Jeff 2 years ago, but it was not feasible for our dental offices to add the air purifiers at that time. One year later we ran into Jeff again and invested in the units. We quickly realized that no dental office (or home) should be without a Surgically Clean Air purifier. We constantly receive comments from patients how our dental offices do not smell like typical dental offices. The units look great, work great, and are easy to maintain. We are so pleased with our 6 units that we custom built a space into our new dental office design drawing to specifically fit 2 more units.

Jeff Moore our sales representative is excellent. He was great through the entire purchase, shipping and receiving process. Where he really helped out a great deal was when one of the units did not work properly. He spent an hour with me trouble shooting on a video conference to determine how to get the unit functioning properly. I highly recommend that you work with Jeff when investing into clean air for your dental office and home.

Calvin Cloutier
February 27, 2019

Bought the large office unit and the smaller grey unit from Jeff Moore. Jeff has been a pleasure to work with.

Responsive, knowledgeable, delivers. The units themselves are incredible. Love the “ocean like smell” that they produce from the ions. Electrocell is a dust magnet/vacuum. But maybe most impressive is what it does to what you can’t see … viruses and bacteria killed via the use of UV lights. My family has been sick way less in general since we got these units back in Apr 2018. Small chore to clean the electrocell but very satisfying to see what you are pulling out of the air! One weekend I cleaned both cells on a Friday and didn’t put them back in until we got home Sunday. The whole family noticed the house smelt different … my youngest said “why does the house smell weird”. ?

Don’t listen to me though … try it for yourself and experience the difference it will make in your office AND at home!

Dr. Richard Mansour
February 27, 2019

We use Surgically Clean Air at the dental office where I work and after speaking with Jeff Moore I purchased 2 units for my home. My kids and I have allergies and asthma and I am currently doing home renovations. What a difference the air cleaners have made during this process! Even my contractor can’t believe when he returns the next day afer painting to no fumes. My only regret is not knowing about these air cleaners years ago – they have already paid for themselves in the health of my family!

Michelle Stewart
February 27, 2019

Due to my wife’s illness we really needed something to clean the air in our home. We have been using air filters you can buy anywhere until we heard about Surgically Clean Air Purifiers from a relative that goes to a dentist that has one. We had some discussions with the team at Surgically Clean Air and ordered 2 for our home. Since we have been in our new home the filters have made a big difference in my wife’s health. We run them 24×7 and I can’t imagine where we would be without them. Jeff Moore has been awesome when it comes to delivery and filters and answering questions!

Jason Merchant
February 27, 2019

Our office loves our Surgically Clean Air units. It is the first thing I turn on in the morning….. even before the coffee machine!! Jeff has been wonderful with education and follow up.

We are extremely happy with the units and the customer care.

South Star Family Dental

Tania Kuhlmann
February 26, 2019

I usually get sick frequently due to the sport I play. Ever since I purchased a SCA unit, I haven’t felt better. I am more confident in my game and feel better knowing I am protected through SCA.

Steven Cipollone
February 26, 2019

The staff at Danforth Children’s Dentistry are very happy with the services that are being provided to us. They are very professional and always present at maintenance visits.

The occasional follow-ups are always great too!

We would highly recommend the air purifiers to anyone!

Danforth Children's Dentistry
February 24, 2019

Paradise Dental has been using Surgically Clean Air in their facility for over a year now. The results have been nothing short of amazing. We were skeptical initially but Kelly and her team educated us on the facts. Since installing the system we can rest easy knowing that our patients and team members are breathing clean healthy air.

Dr. Helyne Hamelburg
February 24, 2019

Outstanding machine. Great support. Patients and staff feel the difference!

Sonrisa Dental On Armitage
February 22, 2019

I bought the Surgically Clean Air unit for my office, which has 4 operatories, and I think it’s a fantastic machine. You can palpably feel the clean air and I wish I had done it earlier as it really works well.

Dr Ruston Mehta, Newton MA - periodontist
February 22, 2019

I was first introduced to Surgically Clean Air when I met Kelly at Tufts University CE Course. Tufts had the Cascade unit in the classroom and Kelly had given a brief talk during opening remarks about the benefits of Surgically Clean Air and she had mentioned something about sustained energy throughout the day. I was intrigued by all the benefits, but I am the type of person that always needs a cup of coffee after lunch to get through the rest of my day. Back in the classroom for afternoon session, looked at my phone and it was just before the 3pm “coffee break” and I felt great, did not feel the need to have a coffee and was feeling as alert as I did to start the day. I knew right then that I needed SCA for my practice to keep me and my team healthy and energized throughout the day.

One of my assistants used to have daily afternoon headaches and has not had one since we installed SCA.

Also, I have not gotten sick enough to miss work. I’ve had maybe 2 colds and they were a minor nuisance, short lived and barely noticeable.

Truly been a big benefit!

Dr. Michele Spekhardt - Bangor Dental Associates
February 21, 2019

Kelly, we love our ‘breathing buddies’!

Andy takes allergy meds twice a day for several years and has not had to take any meds for three full days (has had SCA in office & in home for 4 days).

I don’t want to jinx it but…amazing, so far.

Thank you!

Dr Flora Ocampo & Dr Andrew Abela – Winchester Oral Surgery

Dr Flora Ocampo
February 21, 2019

Air feels lighter and its easier to breathe. Easier to breathe – less tired – more energy! I guess you could say it’s probably Heaven’s air. ? ♥️ ?

Wendy Lombardo - Winchester, MA
February 21, 2019

Freshness of office.

Noticed less headaches.

Staff with asthma feeling better at the office.

Judy Henriksen, Office Manager - Goers Dental Care
February 21, 2019

Once we had Surgically Clean Air installed in the office I was so impressed on how the air felt thinner and lighter and easier to breathe.

Office Manager for Janis Moriarty, DMD
February 18, 2019

Our unit keeps the whole office smelling fresh and clean. People expect clean when visiting a health care facility but with so many people coming and going it can be a challenge. We run the unit at all times and it really helps to cut down on odors from different procedures we do.

Dr. Bauer - Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Dear Dr. Bauer, thank-you for the positive feedback.

February 17, 2019

– I have reduced my Asthma Drugs in half

– no dental odors in office

– less sickness in office with staff

Ronald Goers DDS - GOERS DENTAL CARE - Darien IL
February 15, 2019

We are very happy with our clean air system. It feels good to know we are doing all we can to protect our employees and patients.

Terri - Family Dentistry of Arlington Heights
February 14, 2019

Great service. Feel John really cares and is passionate about the business. HDA Staff and patients love our surgically clean air system! We all noticed a difference in how we feel. Everyone has lots of energy and very healthy.

Dr. Michael Mora - Hawthorne Dental Associates
February 14, 2019

I am so happy with Surgically Clean Air, it was a great purchase and worth every penny for me, our staff and our patients.

Dr. Robin A Taher
February 13, 2019

We had a new patient referred to our office. The patient had a history of allergies, chemical sensitivities and breathing issues. She was referred to us specifically because we had an existing patient that was aware of our Surgically Clean Air systems – the patient told her about it because she wasn’t really able to go to the dentist. She said I’m going to try that place out and she came in and had a great experience and told us that we actually saved her life because she purchased the units for her home. She had some mold issues and same breathing issues and this has cured her at home and cured her as a dental patient as well. It was kind of a nice story to hear about a patient knowing about the system, referring someone that really had a need for it and we were able to help her overcome those issues. It’s nice to be able to see what we do for the practice have benefits outside of it as well.

Dr. Richard LaFauci - LAFAUCI DENTAL GROUP - Massachusetts

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Dear Dr. LaFauci, that really is a nice story. ‘Chemical sensitivities’ and ‘nice story’ rarely go together. Thank-you for sharing it with us.

February 12, 2019

Now that I have installed my S.C.A. purifiers I have a real confidence that my patients and office team, including myself, are being protected from hazardous air quality so prevalent in Dental Offices.


Response from Surgically Clean Air

Thank-you for your comments Dr. Dornbush.

February 11, 2019

I first considered air purification with Surgically Air Clean because I was looking for a drug free solution to manage my asthma. I provide consulting for my clients and often times they come to their consultations with colds and flus and other airborne viruses. Since implementing Surgically Clean Air purifiers in my home and office, my asthmatic symptoms have reduced dramatically to almost nothing where I no longer have to use my inhaler on a regular basis. I also noticed that I was not sick at all during this particularly bad flu season despite seeing clients who come to me to treat their illnesses.

Debbie Meyers - Health Coach @ Your Healing Roots Health Counselling

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Thanks Debbie – we are so happy your asthma symptoms have been so dramatically reduced.

February 4, 2019

I am writing this because our surgically clean air machine has markedly improved my quality of life. I have suffered from a sinus/congestion problem for over 30 years. I have taken various prescriptions and over the counter medications, but never got much relief, and certainly not any long term relief. After our installation of a home unit, I experienced relief within 3 hours of use. We have had the unit for seven months and there has been a huge difference in my symptoms. I no longer have nightly fits of sneezing and am more or less congestion free. I strongly recommend anyone, especially those with congestion issues, to invest in this great product.

Ray - Dental Lab Ortho Manager

Response from Surgically Clean Air

It gives us great pleasure, at Surgically Clean AIr, knowing we had a hand at improving your quality of life…and we also appreciate your strong recommendation.

February 4, 2019

My wife and I run our chiropody practice together and the biggest reason why we chose Surgically Clean Air was worrying about the harmful effects that chiropody air quality has on our lungs. It’s also very important for us to provide a healthier environment for our patients. My receptionist would come to work every day to find a layer of dust surrounding her workspace and she was sneezing a lot. Since getting our air purifier, the dust is gone and she is no longer experiencing any allergic reactions. I no longer have to worry about dust and unhealthy air. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am doing what I can for my staff to reduce the harmful effects of chiropody on our health.

Jonathan Tomines, D.Ch. at Mississauga Foot Clinic

Response from Surgically Clean Air

We’re glad to have helped you diminish dust, which in turn helped your receptionist not experience allergic reactions anymore. Thank-you for your positive words.

January 29, 2019

The challenge that made me consider air purification was definitely all the dust that I create using the drill for toenail grinding and Moore’s disk on dry skin. I have always been concerned about working in these conditions for my own health and wondered about fungus allergies and lung disease. I was not sure what to do about it. The Air Quality Test that measures particles in the air of my office before and after was helpful to convince me that the unit works. I like the fact that I know it also kills bacteria, viruses and fungus even though dust is my main concern. It makes me feel happy to know that I have done my best to promote wellness for my patients and myself

Laura Lee Kozody, B.Sc.,D.Ch.

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Thank-you so much for taking the time to write your review – we’re happy you are happy.

January 24, 2019

I have had a Surgically Clean unit in my office for about two years now, it seemed like a good idea at the time based on the number of filtration steps and ion chemistry so I bought one. The air quality is improved. I just never realized how much until there was a power failure and the unit was turned off for several days over the weekend (it is left running over the weekend). So come Monday I’m having trouble with allergy symptoms, itchy eyes, watery nose that was making it very difficult to perform my duties. It turns out I have become allergic to cats and didn’t realize it until the unit wasn’t doing its job of cleaning the air and reducing allergens. My receptionist is a cat lover and it would mean that it would be very difficult to work comfortably together in the same office without this machine. It would mean, unfair dismissal of an employee, my not being able to see cat loving patients or my having to take antihistamines to combat symptoms. Where we must work close quarters in dentistry clean air is vital to our work health. Good on this company and thank you for providing an equitable solution to our personal wellbeing at our office.

Dr. Mendo Davidson BSc. DDS.

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Dr. Davidson – thanks for sharing your story and the positive outcome by installing Surgically Clean AIr into your practice.

January 17, 2019

We chose to go with Surgically Clean Air purifiers because of their ability to kill airborne germs. A major concern of ours was the health risks associated with toenail drilling procedures and inhalation of fungal nail dust. We really wanted clean and fresh air in our clinic and we love how energized the air feels. It also solved our issue of dust on furniture and equipment. There is virtually no dust in our clinic.

Vicki Werkman, Clinic Director at Werkman, Boven & Associates

Response from Surgically Clean Air

“Inhalation of fungal nail dust” – so glad our systems are doing the job for you within your unique area of expertise.

January 16, 2019

Many doctors, assistants and professors came to find me to comment how impressive the air quality was in the gross lab. Mike Doyle had said that it is not uncommon for someone to pass-out or have to leave the lab due to the impact of the smell — we had no such happenings with the SCA system in place!

Mike Doyle Director of the Gross Anatomy Lab - TUFTS UNIVERSITY
January 3, 2019

I initially considered air purification because I really wanted to reduce the amount of dust in my treatment room, which was contributing to a very stale environment. It was important that I spend less time cleaning and also work in a place with fresh air. Since receiving my Surgically Clean Air purifier I spend less time cleaning and that allows me to do more productive things. The air also feels lighter and cleaner, and my patients have even commented on the improvements.

Trina Scarrow, D.Ch. at Custom Foot Clinic
December 17, 2018

With a Surgically Clean Air Purifier(s) now in use in my dental practice, I not only have confidence that I am offering a healthy indoor environment, my staff and I are also enjoying the positive vibe and extra energy from the negative ions.

Capitol Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PLLC

Capital Center - Dr. Richard Rosato
November 28, 2018

I am very happy with the Surgically Clean Air systems in my offices. I thought my dental operatory was super clean and am surprised with how much dirt/dust was collected in a week. The good thing is, unlike the other systems I had tried before, the filters were washable and reusable. You could feel the difference once you get a chance to turn it on for a day or two. Service has been exceptional. I recommend all dentists do something about air quality in their surgical environments

Opus Oral Health Centre (Oral Maxillofacial Pathology specialty clinic) - Dr. Samson Ng

Response from Surgically Clean Air

We work hard at SCA to design and build best in class air purifiers. Thanks for the endorsement.

October 1, 2018

It’s minus 20 degrees outside today and we just started our new systems an hour ago, already it feels warmer in our shipping area.

Walmart Distribution Centers (Calgary Facility)
September 3, 2018

I would like to express my gratefulness to receive the Surgically Clean Air Unit within such a timely manner.

I plugged in the Unit on Thursday Aug. 30, 2018, and it has made a tremendous difference in my Severe Asthma Attacks, and Health.

For the first time in 1+ year I am able to breath fresh air, while for the last year since June 15, 2017 until Aug. 30, 2018, I was breathing heavy laden Second Hand Cigarette Smoke, which infiltrated from my neighbours, resulting me to cough, fall, throw up, have diarrhea, insomnia, and being extremely tired on a daily basis.

My two Papillon Service Dogs are also enjoying the fresh air, and are resting well.

I was in the hospital in May, 2018 with a Raptured Appendix, and in August, 2018 with the Appendix removal, because my Surgeon discussed the chance of me having another Raptured Appendix would be a 90% chance, because there would be no change in Harmer House residence.

Jeff you are a Caring, and a Compassionate Sales Representative helping people who are in need, and with health difficulties.

Jeff you follow up with your clients, and inform your Company to pre-set the Surgically Clean Air Unit to suit the Specific Health Requirements.

Your were able to provide me with an excellent deal on my Unit, and an excellent payment plan.

Jeff you are a great asset to your Company, I am a consumer of your product, when I need to speak with you, you reply promptly.

You stand behind the product you sell.

My sincere thank for your professionalism.

Please keep up the excellent work you do!

Mientje Christus

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Dear Mientje, thank-you for your kind words about Surgically Clean AIr and one of our valued team members. We are thrilled you got to experience Jeff’s professionalism and caring ways.

August 22, 2018

We have had for 4 1/2 years and it has really reduced odors and sick days in our clinic.

Burlington Facial Surgery
July 6, 2018

You can see the dust on the air intake, this thing does the job. After replacing my old air purifier (from another manufacturer) the air is fresher and cleaner with Surgically Clean Air.

Conrad Denture Clinic
June 24, 2018

These machines are great, keeps flus and colds out of the dressing room.

Montréal Canadians - Graham (Head Trainer)
June 4, 2018

We got the unit! It looks great and we can feel the difference already. Thank you!

Formosan Grace Christian Church - Pastor Tom Li
April 17, 2018

For the first time in decades of teaching multiday periodontal and implant surgery exercises, the air remained so fresh and odor free.

March 9, 2018

Like most dental offices we have a ‘closed-loop’ building space. Meaning that we have forced heated air in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. There are those few days that we can open a window in the spring and fall, but we mostly rely on the HVAC for comfort. Being aware of dental office smells, and the impact it has on patients, I’ve had a compact HEPA filter unit in my office for years. We would even light candles to try and mask the ‘dental odor’ common in our office.

Every office has plenty of air-borne particles floating around in it – mist from mouth procedures, chemicals from our sprays and wipes, autoclave steam, multiple breathing people coming and going – you name it. For years now I’ve developed a hoarse, raspy voice that I mostly noticed while at work. I really thought something was going wrong with my vocal cords or throat and was ready to mention it at my next appointment with my doctor. Then during the winter of 2017 I attended a regional MDA meeting and stopped at a table with a display for an air filtration system that interested me.

Long story short, I bought the Surgically Clean Air system which included two different sized units – large and small. THE DAY we installed the machines in my office my voice cleared up and has been normal since! There was something in the air that was irritating my voice and throat. Within the first week a patient that has numerous allergy issues and has had a special house built for her was delighted with the change in the air quality in my office. We’ve also had numerous patients (and staff) say how good the air feels in our office now.

I ended up taking the smaller unit home where my wife who is allergic to cats (we only have two of them) is breathing easier now too. Indoor air quality is a concern for all of us. I honestly don’t know much about the workings of the Surgically Clean Air system, I just know it works!

Thank you for reading this,

John Leitner, DDS Grand Haven, Michigan
February 20, 2018

Top notch staff, providing top notch solutions! Thanks!!

Tom Nacu
February 19, 2018

I wanted to write you to let you know how much we love the Surgically Clean AIr Units in our Practice. We have had them for several months now and are still amazed at how much “dirt” the units capture. The air feels more energized and I am no longer sneezing. While it is difficult to quantify, we have noticed that everyone appears to be sick less often. On a separate note, we are very pleased with the service we receive from Surgically Clean AIr. Thanks again for making a truly positive impact on the atmosphere we work in.

Stephanie, Office Manager at Art of Dentistry Yorkville (Dr Sol Weiss)
February 4, 2018

We are so pleased to have acquired 2 Surgically Clean Air units for Dr. Ryan Thomas Dentistry. Not only have we noticed a significant reduction in surface dust but the air quality is cleaner. We can now breathe easy knowing that our office environment is the healthiest it can be for our dental team and our clients alike. Richard Chick is very knowledgeable regarding these units and their applications and is always available for support.

Ryan Thomas
January 12, 2018

We take pride in knowing that this not only sets us apart from other dental practices but that we are protecting ourselves from the long-term ramifications of working in such an unhealthy environment.

McMahon Family Dental - Dr John McMahon
November 18, 2017

These units are great! After the first day, we saw a huge improvement in the quality of our air at work. We have 6 units at work and after seeing the results, I had to get one for my home. I highly recommend to anyone. Service is first class as well.

Christian Hall

Response from Surgically Clean Air

Dear Christian, we are so pleased that you saw an instant improvement in your indoor air quality. Our purifiers have a much higher airflow rate than any other solution on the market so we can have such an immediate effect. Thank you for sharing your experience.

October 24, 2017

We’ve had Surgically Clean Air for about a month now and have noticed such a difference in Air quality. Myself and Lindsay Algee are both owners of Tidal Hair Lounge in Halifax Nova Scotia and we came to find ourselves searching for better air throughout our salon. With all the chemicals, aerosols, and just every day activity we started noticing a haze by the end of the day. We didn’t want this not only for our own health day to day, but also for our staff and clients. It was important to us to find the best solution. After meeting with various companies discussing options we then met with Richard. He had did a reading inside the salon for our air quality and answered all of our questions right away. He was easy to get in touch with and had the units in our salon within days of first meeting.

He followed up not long after having the units and then again to see how well they were working for us. He showed myself and some of our staff how to properly clean the unit so it works to it’s full capacity. So far everyone loves the new units. They’re not too big. But clients do notice them which is great for informing them that they are breathing surgically clean air! No more haze so we couldn’t happier!

Thanks Surgically Clean Air and Richard for the great product and even better customer service!

Tidal Hair Lounge
October 15, 2017

For over a month now we have had a Surgically Clean Air unit (Cascade White SCA6000C) in our treatment area of our veterinary hospital and love it! The air is so much lighter and cleaner, the odours in the clinic are almost non-existent, and that 2 o’clock wall, that used to make us feel tired, doesn’t seem to come anymore since our air is much cleaner. I wish we would have got one years ago.

Dr. Danny DeRose - Cachet Village Animal Hospital
October 11, 2017

I just had a SCA 6000 C air filtration installed in the office for one month. Our support/salesman Richard Chick was awesome to answer my questions and help us with follow up support. This company is doing great things and always innovating. I have seen air particulate measurements drop dramatically from over 300 000 to under 60 000 particles per square foot. Richard also showed me the dust collected inside the filters of the machine which is easy to maintenance. We also have a ductless mini-split heat pump in office and reducing dust/particles will also help this equipment function better. In addition, I have a smaller unit in my personal space and I can truly stand behind this product. Thank you Dr. Mark Sutherland, Halifax

DMS Dentistry
October 1, 2017

“EcoAir is a 2 for 1, If you want air filtration you also get destratification. If you want destrat. you also get air filtration all in one package.”

Home Hardware
September 20, 2017

As a kid, I always had really bad asthma and I had to carry an inhaler with me basically everywhere I went. My freshman year at Northeastern was not much better. Pretty much every time I was at the rink I would have to use my inhaler. My sophmore year we started using the Surgically Clean Air machine and I noticed pretty much immediately that I wasn’t using my rescue inhaler nearly as much. I am now in my junior year and I can’t remember the last time I had to use my inhaler I am a huge fan of Surgically Clean Air especially if they can help someone with bad asthma, like me.

NCAA Athlete - Northeastern University
August 7, 2017

Ever since we have incorporated the Surgically Clean Air unit within our office, our patients, all team members and myself, have noticed the improved quality of air within the entire office. I would highly recommend all dentists to consider this one-time investment to improve the air quality of our working environment. The Surgically Clean Air Unit will pay dividends by decreasing airborne transmission diseases; aerosols created by our dental handpieces and provide clean quality air for all parties involved.

Mark H.E. Lin B.Sc., D.D.S., M.Sc. (Prosthodontics), F.R.C.D.(C)

Tornto Institiute For Dental Excellence
August 3, 2017

Having been introduced to Surgically Clean Air by a few of my peers, I was not skeptical in any way that their claims to improving the air within my lab would be borne out.

I purchased both the larger lab unit and the smaller unit that I then placed in my waiting room, so as to improve the air quality for my patients and their guests a well.

The impact on the air quality in my lab area was instantaneous as both the smells associated with the daily production of dentures and the repairs and relines was not only reduced, but in fact totally removed. The bigger impact for me was in the removal of the fine particulate dust that is associated with the grinding process of both the dentures and the plaster that is invariably present.

I have had the units in office now for a year and my patients comment constantly on how much different the air is in my office, no smells that they recall from their past visits. The added benefit is that because of the air being constantly cleaned in my front waiting area, the reduction in days lost by my team from patients bringing various colds and illnesses with them, has been greatly reduced. This was definitely an unexpected bonus.

Both units that I purchased take up very little actual floor space and are so quiet that if you didn’t know that they were turned on and working, you wouldn’t even realise they are there.

I would highly recommend these units to all of those that are concerned about the quality of the air that is circulating through your workspace.

Gary Sallaway - Kamloops Denture and Implant Centre
June 20, 2017

We are so pleased to share the fantastic experience Mint Dentistry has had with Surgically Clean Air. Both our offices have a unit and truthfully, we couldn’t imagine practicing without them. Dental offices are notorious for that “dental office smell”! Our offices couldn’t be further from that. The offices smell clean and fresh because they are exactly that. Airborne aerosols are created in every dental office but not every office invests in clean air technology to ensure their patients and staff are minimally affected by them. We are so proud that Dr. Chincholi has chosen to partner with Surgically Clean Air- a company that values health, environmental stewardship and exceptional quality care.

Mint Dentistry Junction
June 20, 2017

We love our Surgically Clean Air unit. Many patients have commented on it and have really seen the value in providing an office environment that has clean air.

It’s incredible to see how much debris is actually collected in the filters when they are changed. It is certainly reassuring to our health to know that we are no longer breathing all of those toxins in.

June 5, 2017

I have wanted to add Surgically Clean Air to my practice for some time. Now that we have it, my clinic is complete, and I am excited to offer this cutting edge technology to my patients and staff

Dentisterie du Bergerac - Dr. Aleks Dimitrovski
May 14, 2017

We have a few of these Surgically Clean Air machines in our office. Love them! makes a huge difference. Patients are commenting on the air quality can notice soon as they walk in our office. Cori

Cori Whitmore
May 1, 2017

“This is a great machine…I know for a fact that I can cool a room down after cleaning in half the time…I’m recommending it to everyone I talk to.”

Maple Leaf Foods
April 9, 2017

Now that I have installed my new Surgically Clean Air Purifiers I have a real confidence that my patients and office employees, including myself, are being well protected from the hazardous air quality so prevalent in dental offices.

Aesthetic Dental Innovations - Dr. Jeffrey Dornbush
March 29, 2017

We installed Surgically Clean Air purifiers in our pharmacy to combat the strong odours from the restaurant next door to our store. Within 24 hours of installing a Cascade White and Carbon Granite the odours were gone and our indoor air was refreshingly clean.

People's Choice Remedy's RX - Jay Rajora
February 21, 2017

Working in small crowded office space is always risky. You know that as soon as one person gets sick you are next in line. Having the air cleaner has reduced the number of sick days our employees take and improved the air quality so it doesn’t bother my asthma

February 16, 2017

One of the best investments that I made in our laboratory only happened 3 months ago. We purchased the Surgically Clean Air system from Richard. According to Health Canada the air in the lab was clean enough but ask the staff and they will tell you emphatically the air was dirty compared to now with Surgically Clean Air!

The difference was like day and night. Immediately after the systems were installed, every person working in the lab had a comment to make. Comments from, holy now I can breathe to wow so this is where I’ve been working in a jokingly fashion was made.

The difference was instantaneous. Even the absence of dust was gladly notice. Deeper breaths and less dust around is a great benefit to have.

Thank you Richard for installing it for us and thank you for the great follow up service you’ve been providing for us.

The money was well spent!

United Dental Lab
January 26, 2017

Honestly, I could feel the air is cleaner but was very impressed when I opened it up after the first month of use to clean the filters… so much dust & particles it eliminated instead of us breathing it all in. I’m very happy with the machine!

EL-Diente Dental Laboratory
January 26, 2017

The Surgically Clean Air system I am very happy about. The air feels much fresher and my patients have commented on the difference.

Impress Perio Implant Center

Dr. Noroozi
January 16, 2017

It is amazing to see how much dirt and debris really is in the air! Thank you Surgically Clean AIr for all the service and attention to detail you have provided us.

Aurora Dental Centre
November 23, 2016

The residents gave a standing ovation for putting them in our retirement home.

Scarborough Retiremnt Home
October 31, 2016

It’s been great, our members love it, it’s like bringing fresh air inside.

Cambridge Club Fitness
June 15, 2016

Surgically Clean Air significantly improved the air quality of our clinic – we have the before and after surveys to prove it. We are seeing the next standard evolve in creating a healthy workplace for both patients and our entire team.

Dan Stuart, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C) Dartmouth, Canada
June 10, 2016

Since installing the Clean Air Machine we have not seen any dust particles floating in the air which you usually see when sunlight shines through the windows. We are very happy with the performance and service of our machine. Thanks so much!

Amos Family Dentistry
March 30, 2016

To me, the air feels fresher than before and there is far less dust around the HVAC vents. I also feel less congested than I used to before the system was installed. Dr Morine.

Bible Hill Family Dentistry
February 21, 2016

These units are great! After the first day, we saw a huge improvement in the quality of our air at work. We have 6 units at work and after seeing the results, I had to get one for my home. I highly recommend to anyone. Service is first class as well.

Hallmark Dental Laboratory
February 11, 2016

This missive is our personal testimony with regards to the air filter system that we have purchased last September. Notice a huge difference in the quality of air in our Denture clinic. We have had exhaust fans in the summer, but realized they would not be as efficient for the cold winter months.

I personally met Richard at a conference, I explained my situation and my office was properly fitted with an air sterilizing unit. My staff and I found the unit to work as intended, in that it has removed the chemical toxins from air that occurs in the process of making dentures.

I would recommend their product to anyone interested in improving the quality of air for their staff, themselves, and their patients…….it has made

a difference!

DD Gabriel Wortman; Atlantic Denture Clinic, Dartmouth N.S.
September 10, 2015

We love the fact that we are doing everything we can for our patients and staff to keep the air we breathe as fresh and clean as possible.

Dr Brothers, Bedford South Dentistry
May 11, 2015

This letter is to say thanks for introducing your unit into our demo facility in Mississauga. I have been searching many months to find a solution for my concern with regards to the air quality around our display equipment.

Our main concern was first and foremost the air quality for the staff and clients that would be in our demo facility along with the effects VOC’s also have on specific components of the equipment as well.

I was amazed that within 24 hours the contaminants in the air were reduced by 85%. Reports back from my staff have been very positive in how they feel when in the facility and that you can actually feel the difference. With such a positive effect in our environment we plan to purchase multiple units for our facility in Montreal and Vancouver as well evaluating the opportunity to distribute the product into our existing client base.

Again, Thank you very much for all the information that you have provided along with the most effective and reliable system I have encountered.

Senior Director of Technical Services - Fujifilm Canada Inc.
April 30, 2015

Also we are very much enjoying the clean air. We are finding we aren’t as tired by the end of the day and our patients are not complaining about the odours in our office.

Jonathon - Veroche Denture Clinic
March 30, 2015

We at Accurate Impressions Limited have been using the “301F” from Surgically Clean Air and found a significant difference. We definitely recommend the product for printers since we use toxic product every day. I personally believe it is a must for printers who spend most of their days in the shop.

Richard Bergeron - President - Accurate Impressions Limited
March 1, 2015

Ever since I have had my unit, my staff or clients haven’t been sick a day.

March 12, 2014

I just wanted to write to tell you how satisfied Krest Dental Ceramics Inc. is with our 301F Machines and the customer service we have experienced with Surgically Clean Air. As you know, we currently have one machine set up in our model room and one in our acrylic and denture department. Our staff finds them easy to maintain and clean. As well the replacement parts such as the VOC filters and UV bulbs are inexpensive and easy to install.

I want to thank you as well for coming to assist our staff members and myself on how to reset the new machine and showing us how to maintain it. The machines have been a great asset to our company by helping us sustain a work environment with good clean air to breathe. Working with you and your staff has been a pleasure.

Thanks again for all of your help throughout the years.

Jaime Nevitt - Krest Dental Ceramics Inc.

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