Particle Counter

The Particle Counter is designed to measure indoor airborne particles from cooking, cleaning, smoke, traffic, and interior decoration. Measure to determine if the air you are breathing contains a considerable amount of pollution.


Introducing the Surgically Clean Air Palm Particle Counter, a handheld indoor air particulate monitor. The compact design makes the device to be easily portable which allows for monitoring air quality anywhere.


Easy to use, portable, and with long battery life. No need to constantly recharge as its long-lasting battery ensures continuous monitoring without interruptions.


Designed to provide you with accurate and real-time information on particulate matter (PM) levels in the air. From dust and pollen to harmful pollutants. The Palm Particle Counter features an intuitive interface as easy as 1-2-3 to check your air quality, with no technical expertise required.


This compact device utilizes cutting-edge laser technology for rapid and precise detection and measurement of particles larger than 0.3 um allowing you to gain insights into the concentration of airborne particles in your room.

Product Documents

Product Documents



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