Premium, advanced air purification system with HEPA filtration! Designed for seamless integration, energy efficiency and maximized air flow while delivering quiet operation. Its built-in sensors proactively monitor the surroundings and clean the indoor air when needed.
Size 2×4: $3,495.00    |    Size 2×2: $2,495.00
*Contact us for a special price on larger orders.


Sleek, flush, safe and permanent! The COBALT comes in a snow-white color and two different sizes (2’x4′ and 2’x2′), designed to seamlessly be integrated into the ceiling. No floor space needed.


Built from the highest quality premium steel and robust technologies.


Engineered to maximize the rate of air changes with no interference or dependency on the HVAC System. With the strength to provide purified, uninterrupted, and optimised air circulation in large rooms, The COBALT is perfectly suited for commercial, medical and educational environments.


  • Proximity Sensor
  • Energy Saving Smart Operation
  • Easy to Maintain Filter Replacement (Every 2 years)
  • Plug and Play Smart Operation
  • Visible Surgically Clean Air Messaging
  • Control Panel and Remote Control
  • Operation Scheduling: 2, 6, 12, 24 hours

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