ODX Invests $438,000 into Ontario Open Data Ventures

October 25, 2017

Your Office Air is Killing You But One Toronto Based Company Wants to Help

June 2017

In-Office Air Quality Contamination: What You Don’t Know WILL Harm You

June 2017

Teams Clearing the Air to Avoid Illness

April 13, 2017

Editors Choice – We Eat Organic Food/We Drink Pure Water/Now Let’s Breathe Healthy Air In Our Work Environment

September, 2017

CJIC | Canadian Journal of Infection Control – Important Role for Standalone Indoor Air Purification Systems

Fall, 2016

Oral Health Group – Mouthing Off on Surgically Clean Air


Oral Health Interviews Surgically Clean Air Founders, May 2017

May, 2017

Making a Case for Air Purification Systems in Retirement Home Communities


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