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The JADE 2.0 HEPA-RX filter removes >99.9% of airborne pathogens* at 300 cfm.​​

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Linda Lotz
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I am absolutely thrilled with the Jade. The first day it calmed my allergies down within an hour or so. Plus my “deep sleep” time in my fit but has gone from 20-30 minutes up to on average 1 -1/2 hours right from the first night.
Ms D. Thompson
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I have had my air purifier for almost two weeks. I notice a difference. I sleep better. My breathing is better and a lot less congestion. So glad I got one.
Dr. Nick Kavouklis DMD
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Recently unboxed our new Jade. It is sturdy, solid construction, simple set-up and easy operation. The Jade is serious technology! Previously, my wife and I slept with “white noise” machines. Now we put the Jade on turbo and get restful sleep and wake feeling renewed in the morning. I bought 10 more as gifts for family and friends. 110% satisfaction.
Sheena, Mac, and Honey | Victoria, BC
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My name is Sheena and me and my husband Mac and our dog Honey absolutely love our Surgically Clean Air machine! When I tell you these machines do the job, this is no exaggeration!! When we clean our machine, we are totally amazed every single time at how much dust, dirt and gunk that comes out! I cant believe we were breathing all this in before! We are consistently amazed at the job our machine does and the reassurance that all that dirt, dust and grime isn’t going into our lungs and our dogs’ lungs anymore is huge for us! 10/10 service from John at SCA as well, he came and helped me learn to service my machine and made it super easy for us to always make sure it’s running in tip top shape to assure we have the cleanest air possible. After having our machine now for a couple years and noticing such huge difference in our heath as well as air quality, we would not ever go without our SCA machine again! Thanks again John and the SCA team for keeping our lungs and bodies healthy!!
Jesika Glasser
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I was hesitant when my husband said he wanted to purchase the Jade for our new home, initial thought was why spend that kind of money for a home, I understand for school/hospitals, dental offices etc. but it was important to him so I supported it. Two weeks into owning the Jade my 14 month old caught a stomach bug, up all night vomiting and diarrhea, her room smelt absolutely horrid the following morning. My husband said he was going to move the Jade into her room to get rid of the smell, my exact words were ‘ that machine might clean the air but it isn’t going to get rid of that horrid smell, we need to air this room out, and spray it down with all the sanitizer and perfume’. Within 10 minutes of placing it on high function I walked into her room and I was blown away – the smell was completely gone, I mean gone! Needless to say my husband was right and this machine is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend!

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