Going Camping This Summer – Be Aware of the Indoor Air

According to Greenpeace…. The Inside Air In Your Favorite Outdoor Store Can Be 1000X Worse Than The Outdoor Air You Are Getting Ready During the summer months, millions of North Americans and Europeans head outdoors to go camping, hiking, walking and more… to revitalize their health with great outdoor air. In the process of packing […]

NCAA Tournament Teams Germs Can Be a Tough Opponent

By Surgically Clean Air In the heart of the NCAA March Madness, we are reminded of how tough germs and viruses can be on sports teams. Over the past decades, there have been countless times when teams in the hunt for a championship were taken down by illness. Whether it is the ‘mumps’ in the […]

Ultraviolet Light (UV-C) | Highly Effective Way to Kill Germs & Viruses

By: Surgically Clean Air Thought Starter On average, each person on earth consumes this EVERY day:  Food = 1 lb  Water = 5 lbs  Air = 36 lbs  Yet, Indoor Air is the LEAST regulated by governments for health and safety and the LEAST cleaned by people everyday. That’s right, people wash the fruits, vegetables […]

Creating Feelings of Positive Energy from Negative Ions

By: Surgically Clean Air Compared to being inside your place of work, or your home, don’t we all feel better when we are walking on the beach, standing next to a waterfall, breathing the air after a thunderstorm, or standing in the middle of a beautiful mountain valley. For sure a large part the energy […]

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