William Osler Hospital


Surgically Clean Air Makes Hospital Laboratory Air Healthier for the Medical Staff


Named for Dr. William Osler, a Canadian physician and one of the most influential figures in the history of modern medicine, the William Osler Health System is one of the largest hospital corporations in the Canadian province of Ontario. With a healthcare team of more than 900 physicians, 4,300 staff and 1,000 volunteers, it provides services to over 900,000 residents.

Client need

In 2015, William Osler Hospital wanted to improve the air health in the Microbiology and Histology departments. In the Histology department medical workers use microscopes to examine samples of whole tissues taken from ill patients. In Microbiology labs medical staff are involved primarily in culturing, examining, and identifying living microorganisms that are growing inside patients. In both types of labs, the medical workers are exposed to airborne contaminants from the human samples themselves and the chemicals that they use to prepare and preserve the tissues samples and the microorganisms.

Surgically Clean Air solution

William Osler Hospital purchased several commercial grade Surgically Clean Air purifiers to place in each of their Microbiology and Histology labs.


In these medically hazardous environments, given their square footage, the Surgically Clean Air purifiers could provide each laboratory with multiple air changes per hour, creating fresher and healthier air for the staff to breathe.


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