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Went End Child Care

“I was so pleased with the protection that the Surgically Clean Air purifiers are offering at WEPD that I bought four for my home to offer the same protection for my family.”

– Jim Tsatsos, WEPD Owner

Surgically Clean Air Offers Welcomed Protection at Childcare Service Looking to Keep Their Toddlers, Families and Staff Safe


In 1971, West End Child Care began as a grassroots operation in Toronto, Canada, when a group of mothers at the West End YMCA applied for a grant to start a summer day camp program. Today, West End delivers professional, experienced, and reliable childcare services within a loving and caring environment. WEPD encourages an open-door policy. Families are always welcome, anytime.

Client need

WEPD faces the same issues as most childcare facilities. With close contact between the children and the staff, there is an elevated risk of person-to-person illness transfer, especially with children in the (Toddler) group, ages 18-30 months. WEPD was looking for an air cleaning solution to capture airborne germs and viruses to make the indoor air cleaner and healthier.

Surgically Clean Air solution

WEPD installed 22 Surgically Clean Air Jades air purifiers throughout all five (5) of their locations to provide the proper air changes per hour (ACH) to offer the protection they were looking for.


After installing Surgically Clean Air, there have been no reported cases of person-to-person spread amongst the children and staff.

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