Walter Reed Hospital and The White House (USA)

Walter Reed Hospital and The White House (USA)

Surgically Clean Air is Protecting US Military Personnel, the US President, the US Vice-President and their Families and Key Staff


The Walter Reed Medical Center – known as Walter Reed General Hospital until 1951 – was the U.S. Army’s flagship medical center from 1909 to 2011. Located on 113 acres in the District of Columbia, it now serves more than 150,000 active and retired personnel from all military branches.

The White House Medical Unit (WHMU) is a White House Military Office unit. It provides medical care to the President, the Vice President, their families, and international dignitaries visiting the White House.

Client need

Research from the US Department of Labor proves that dental procedures create the most hazardous working conditions for a person’s health due to the bio aerosolization of the germs inside a patient’s mouth. Additionally, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic created an even more urgent need for the US Military Dental Division to protect their medical staff and military personnel at the hospital from airborne germs and viruses.

Surgically Clean Air solution

The US Navy ordered 90 Jade air purifiers for Walter Reed Hospital. The hospital urgently sent a truck from Washington to the Surgically Clean Air warehouse to expedite their shipment. They arrived two days before President Trump was admitted with Covid-19.


After installing Surgically Clean Air units at Walter Reed Hospital, the US Government was so pleased that they have subsequently ordered additional Jade purifiers to install in the White House Medical Clinic to protect US President Joe Biden, Vice-president Kamala Harris and their key staff.

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