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“Team leaders and employees like the fact we are cleaning the air. Our EcoAir Systems are making a positive difference throughout our large shipping areas. It’s keeping the workers warmer in the winter and providing a comfortable breeze in the summer. It solved our air circulation problem.”

– Walmart Distribution Center Mississauga Facility

“It’s minus 20 degrees outside today and we just started our new EcoAir systems an hour ago, already it feels warmer in our shipping area. ”

– Walmart Distribution Center Calgary Facility

Surgically Clean Air’s EcoAir System helps Walmart Canada create a more comfortable air temperature and air cleanliness with an energy efficient solution for all four of their major Distribution Centres.


As one of Canada’s largest retailers, Walmart Canada operates a growing network of more than 370 stores and employs 90,000 Associates. To support their National Supply Chain, Walmart operates 4 major Distribution Centres in Mississauga 1 (1.3 million sq ft), Mississauga 2 (0.4 million sq ft), Cornwall (0.7 million sq ft) and Calgary (0.7 million sq ft).

Client need

Each Walmart Distribution Centre faces two main air-related problems that are found in most busy warehouses:

1) Cold Air Infiltration in Winter – The 200+ loading dock doors in each Distribution Centre open and constantly close as Trucks Load and Unload. Given Canadian winters, each time the doors are open, air as cold as -30C/22F degrees rushes in and creates an uncomfortable environment for Associates working in this area. Combating this with high-energy heaters is ineffective and cost-prohibitive. Instead, Walmart needed to circulate the existing warm air within the warehouse to dilute the cold air and create a more comfortable working environment near the Loading Dock doors.

2) Stagnant Hot Air in Summer – Warehouses can build up unbearable temperatures in the hot summer months, often in excess of +35C/85F. Installing large ceiling fans that push the hot air up near the roof and the dust and contaminants within it down on the warehouse associates was not ideal for mixing the air. Walmart needed a better way to de-stratify their air while cleaning the dust and other particulates from within it.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Surgically Clean Air installed their EcoAir Destratification/Filtration units in end-isle pallet locations throughout the Distribution Centre. These EcoAir systems draw in a large quantity of cool air at floor level (15,500 cubic feet per minute), passes it through cleaning filtration stages to remove the dust and other in-air contaminants, and then sends the air up towards the ceiling to mix with the warmer upper air, serving to quickly even the temperature from floor to ceiling with cleaner air.

In addition, EcoAir’s unique design creates a ‘clean’ light summer ‘breeze’ over 40 feet away in all directions that employees describe as a window open on a summer’s daylight and comfortable all year long.


After installing EcoAir into its first warehouse, Walmart was so pleased with the meaningful energy savings and employee satisfaction that they installed a total of 40 EcoAir Units across their 4 Distribution Centres.

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