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Surgically Clean Air is Trusted to Make Indoor Air Healthier at Trust Child Care Centres


Trust Childcare is a Toronto daycare offering infant, toddler, preschool and kindergarten programs. In delivering their childcare services, they offer some of the most advanced technologies to protect the children and staff.

Client need

Trust Childcare had to close their facilities due to Covid-19, and they needed to find safe ways to re-open for their facility.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Trust Child Care Centres leased 18 Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers so that they could install one in each classroom, one in the foyer and two in the gym. To keep the Surgically Clean Air Jades safe and secure in a busy childcare facility, Trust Child Care Centres utilized the specially designed wall mount brackets. Not only do they work well to keep the Jade purifiers up off the floor and away from small children, but they also help the cleaning staff, so they do not have to move them when cleaning the floors.


After installing Surgically Clean Air, the administration was ecstatic about the impact of Surgically Clean Air in their facilities.

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