Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors

Surgically Clean Air Keeps the Toronto Raptors Out of Foul Air Trouble


The Toronto Raptors are a Canadian professional basketball team that competes in the NBA as a member of the league’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. Since the first game in 1995, they have grown into a constantly improving team, eventually winning their 1st NBA Championship in 2019.

Client need

Like all NBA Teams, the Toronto Raptors have invested millions of dollars in their high-performance athletes including their Salaries, the Game and Training Facilities, Coaches, Support Staff and more. Like all NBA Teams, the Toronto Raptors are also at risk of these athletes falling ill due to person-to-person virus spread from other players, players’ family members, media interviewers and more. One sick player that misses just a few games can make the difference between a Team making the playoffs or not. The Toronto Raptors wanted to do all that they could to reduce the player lost games due to illness.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In 2015, the Toronto Raptors Head Trainer became the very first of his kind to install Surgically Clean Air commercial grade purifiers in the Team’s Home and Away Locker Rooms at their Game Arena and throughout their practice facilities. Additionally, several the Team’s star players installed Surgically Clean Air Residential purifiers in their Toronto homes and their off-season homes in the USA.


From the outset the installation of the Surgically Clean Air Purifiers made a difference. A study done in the first 12 months of use the Toronto Raptors demonstrated how much differently their Raptors Team health was versus the rest of the league. While most other NBA Teams fell victim to Player illness, the Raptors did not suffer any lost man-game time due to an airborne illness.

Since these early days with Surgically Clean Air, the Toronto Raptors have gone on to invest in more Surgically Clean Air purifiers and use them increasingly across their assets. They were front and centre in the Home and Away Locker Rooms when Toronto hosted the 2016 NBA All-Star Game. When the Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA Championships Surgically Clean Air was there protecting the team throughout their playoff run.

In 2020, they upgraded their original Surgically Clean Air purifiers with the company’s newest models for use in the Scotiabank Arena and the OVO Training Centre. The older models were relocated to areas to protect the office staff as well as the athletes. When the NBA restarted in the Summer of 2020, the Raptors took their Surgically Clean Air purifiers to the NBA Playoff Bubble in Orlando. They have also relocated their Surgically Clean Air purifiers to their new temporary home in Tampa for the 2021 season.

Of note, since the Toronto Raptors first introduced Surgically Clean Air to the NBA other teams have followed suit and become clients themselves, as have professional sports teams across the NHL and MLB.

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