Tiremaster Limited

Tiremaster Limited

Surgically Clean Air’s EcoAir System help one of Canada’s Oldest and Most Successful Retailers create a more comfortable air temperature and air cleanliness with an energy efficient solution for a number of their major Distribution Centres.


Tiremaster Limited provides total tire management for personal vehicles and entire commercial fleets. Founded in 1991, Tiremaster has locations in Ontario, Canada providing tires, tire service, and roadside service.

Client need

Tiremaster resurfaces commercial tires to extend their usefulness. In the tire retreading, exceptionally fine rubber particulate becomes suspended in the air creating a health hazard for employees. The presence of microplastics in human lung tissue was demonstrated in the 1990s by scientists investigating lung tissue of cancer patients. Research showed that particles might persist in the lungs, especially in people with lung disease. When particles would remain in the lungs, they likely stay there for a long time because they are bio-persistent, which could cause inflammation. It also matters how long the fibres are because longer fibres appear more damaging. Tiremaster needed to find an air cleaning solution to protect their employees from this airborne hazard.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Surgically Clean Air installed a single EcoAir, with its 15,500 cubic feet per minute capability, to offer a real complete air change every hour within the 30,000 square foot facility.


After installing EcoAir, the particulate was sufficiently removed from the air, and the client ‘loves’ Surgically Clean Air.

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