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The Diamond Face Institute

“In addition to implementing a plethora of safety protocols, we keep one of these in every room to purify the air from pollutants and most importantly currently, COVID-19. In times like these, not only is pure, clean air of significance, it’s CRUCIAL to our health.”

– Dr. Jason Diamond MD

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Surgically Clean Air Posts a Great Solution for Dr. Diamond’s Plastic Surgery Institute in LA, USA


Dr. Jason Diamond MD is a world-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon from Dr. 90210 & Netflix’s Celebrity Plastic Surgeons. Founder of The Diamond Face Institute. He has travelled the globe to learn from the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world, often the very individuals who developed specific facial procedures. He has brought his practice to Beverly Hills in a new, state-of-the-art medical suite where his clients include famous actors and entertainment leaders.

Client need

Dr. Diamond’s clinic is in California in one of the hardest-hit Covid-19 jurisdictions globally. Dr. Diamond still wanted to operate his clinic, and his patients wanted to come for their appointments, but to do so in a COVID-19 world required a step up in his clinic’s air quality. So Dr. Diamond researched on his own, and in doing so, he came across Surgically Clean Air. He reached out to Surgically Clean Air through Instagram to inquire about becoming a Surgically Clean Air client.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Dr. Diamond ordered Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers to provide the proper air changes per hour in his waiting room and throughout the Beverly Hills Clinic.


Dr Diamond was so pleased with the Surgically Clean Air Jades, that he posted his testimonial review back on his Instagram to reassure patients about the Institutes Covid-19 safety practices.

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