The Boulevard Club

The Boulevard Club

Surgically Clean Air Keeps the Boulevard Club’s 114 Years of Continuous Service Going


For 114 years, there has been a place on the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada, devoted to athletic endeavour and a sense of community that is truly unique. In its earliest days (100 years ago), Canoe racing (paddling) was the most popular recreational at the club. Today, the Boulevard Club offers Aquatics, Badminton, Fitness, Lakefront activities, Tennis and Yachting for hundreds of members and their guests.

Client need

There have been four fires that devastated the Club; a Great Depression, two World Wars, and Ice Storm, and none of these traumatic events has been able to stop the Boulevard Club in its pursuit of fun, fellowship, and sportsmanship. In 2020, the Operations team at the Boulevard Club once again needed to take steps to make sure that the Club’s pursuits continued during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Club’s Management was concerned about the cleanliness and healthiness of the indoor air quality, especially given their membership was disproportionally an older demographic. They were looking for an indoor air cleaning solution to ensure that they were taking all the extra precautions they could to keep their facilities healthy.

Surgically Clean Air solution

A key Hospitality Industry expert referred the Boulevard Club to Surgically Clean. Soon afterwards, the Boulevard Club’s first order was for 48 Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers to be used throughout the club. They also ordered one Ecoair industrial air purifier for their sizeable indoor court area.


The Club’s reaction was to the installation of the Surgically Clean Air purifiers was positive. As the Boulevard Club continues moving forward, they plan to order more industrial air purifiers to complete their larger indoor spaces.

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