We have experienced a noticeable improvement in our powder coating area where at one time, fine weld particulate would quickly foul our ultra-white topcoat, therefore, requiring frequent powder cleanouts. Today, we able to operate for extended periods of time before a powder booth cleanout is necessary.

Surgically Clean Air Does Double Duty on the Air Inside a Leading North American Production Facility


SLEEGERS Engineered Products Inc. is a preeminent North American supplier of engineered solutions for the pressure vessel and propane industries. The engineer’s design and fabricate propane vehicle tanks, automated cylinder exchange kiosks, propane dispensers, bulk plant facilities, custom pressure vessels, and air compressors. Sleegers is Based in London, Canada.

Client need

Sleegers operates in a 90,000 square foot production facility in London, Canada. The manufacturing of propane tanks creates an immense amount of harmful airborne particulate, including welding fumes, grinder dust and toxic chemicals. Additionally, operating in such a large production facility, there are areas where it can get boiling in the summer and excessively cold in Canadian winters. Sleegers needed to solve both problems and never imagined that one single solution existed for both.

Surgically Clean Air solution

To clean the air from the harmful particulate and help with the air destratification needed to efficiently manage the hot and cold spaces within the 90,000 square feet, four (4) EcoAir Industrial air purifiers were installed throughout the production facility.


Cleaner Air – The key to cleaning Sleegers contaminated air was the speed at which EcoAir filters it. The air enters at 350 FPM (Feet Per Minute) at the filter plane – much slower than any alternative system. The slower the air moves through the filters – the more particles they capture! EcoAir uses specialized washable and reusable filters to remove smaller particulate down to .03 micrometres (.3 μm or microns). This combination of slow air and specialized filters cleans the air in a large open space far more effectively than any alternative method.

Destratification – The large-capacity air flow through in an EcoAir meant that up to 15,500 cubic feet per minute of air was drawn in the bottom of the unit and sent up to the ceiling. The gentle air current created by the EcoAir mixes the production facility air across the entire 90,000 square foot facility reducing the hot and cold spots creating a more comfortable environment without spending tens of thousands of dollars on HVAC heating and cooling capacity and energy.

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