Recipe Unlimited – Harpers Landing Restaurant


Surgically Clean Air Lands in Oakville, Canada to Test a Great Indoor Air Cleaning Solution for Nationwide Restaurant Operator


Founded in 1883, RECIPE Unlimited Corporation is Canada’s oldest and largest full-service restaurant company. For 135 years, they have nourished Canadians and helped them celebrate life while enjoying delicious meals. Today, RECIPE Unlimited owns 20+ restaurant brands, with 1,500+ locations Canada-wide, including well-known brands such as Swiss chalet, St. Hubert, Harveys, The Keg, and Harpers Landing.

Client need

Recipe Unlimited was looking to outfit all their full-service restaurants with an Air Cleaning Solution as added protection for the Staff and Patrons during the Covid-19 outbreak. They needed a flexible enough system to work in all the different formats and layouts of their various restaurants and would be quick and easy to install (no tying into the HVAC system). It was also crucial that any solution they chose could offer a robust number of air changes per hour and to do so quietly – they did not need to add more noise to the restaurant environment as the staff already was dealing with the complications of talking and listening through masked individuals.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Harpers Landing Restaurant is a Light-filled bistro offering pizza, pasta & burgers, plus an extensive wine list & large patio located in Oakville, Canada. Harpers was chosen as the first test location for RECIPE Unlimited, given its 70,000 cubic feet of air space would provide a meaningful test. Surgically Clean Air calculated the number of Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers needed to target 2 air changes per hour (ACH) in the restaurant. Harpers also produced signs that would inform patrons of the extra steps that Recipe Unlimited was taking to protect them by cleaning Harpers Landing’s indoor air with Surgically Clean Air.


Harpers Landing was open for a few months after the Surgically Clean Air Jades were installed to great success. Every day, customers would call for reservations and sit next to one of the Jades. RECIPE Unlimited is now waiting until the government lockdowns ease restrictions in Q1 2021 before ordering more.

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