The RCMP department employee who first brought the Surgically Clean Air Jades into the Etobicoke Station loves his units. Name withheld due to RCMP regulations.

Surgically Clean Air


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada’s federal and national police service, providing law enforcement at the federal level. The RCMP employs 30,196 men and women, including police officers, civilian members, and public service employees.

Client need

The wife of an officer in one detachment of the RCMP saw Surgically Clean Air Jades at her dentist office and she wanted her husband to install similar units in his RCMP offices to protect him from airborne viruses.

Surgically Clean Air solution

The RCMP detachment in Etobicoke, Canada, installed 5 Surgically Clean Air Jades to protect the police staff.


After a successful installation in Etobicoke, Canada, the RCMP began a complete evaluation for further installation across their entire network of police buildings.

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