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Instar AGF

Surgically Clean Air Has the Right Clean Air Assets to Protect Canadian and American Financial Services Employees

Dome Production

Surgically Clean Air Produces Cleaner, Healthier Air for Dome Productions

DMB Financial

Surgically Clean Air Sells Jade Purifiers to One of Its First USA Clients to Boost Employee Performance

Concord Coalition to End Homelessness

Surgically Clean Air Feels Right at Home Making the Air Healthier for those that are Homeless

City of Commerce Bus System in California

Surgically Clean Air Keeps Health Air Moving with City of Commerce Municipal Bus System

Charger Logistics

Surgically Clean Air Delivers Cleaner, Healthier Air for Charger Logistics and their 200 Employees

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

Surgically Clean Air Clears the Air in the California Prison System


Surgically Clean Air is Trusted by Leading Corporate Firm to Provide Its Legal Team with Cleaner and Healthier Indoor Air

Battlefield Graphics

Since 1964 Battlefield Press has been Canada's premiere printing company.

Surgically Clean Air

York Club

Surgically Clean Air Refines the Indoor Air at one of Toronto’s Most Refined Social Clubs


Surgically Clean Air Spins Up a Great Indoor Air Cleaning Solution Nationally for SpinCo

San Jose Sharks

Surgically Clean Air Keeps the San Jose Sharks Sharp by Clearing the Air of Metal Filings in the Skate Sharpening Room

Oakland Athletics

Surgically Clean Air Knocks It Out of the Ballpark with the Oakland Athletics

Montreal Canadiens

Surgically Clean Air Scores Big Inside the Locker Room of the NHL’s Most Successful Team

Marblehead Fitness Centre

Surgically Clean Air is Perfectly Fit for the Health Air Needs of a Busy Fitness Centre

Las Vegas Golden Knights

Surgically Clean Air Battles Unhealthy Air to Keep The Las Vegas Knights at Their Best Night After Night

Islington Golf Club

Golf Course is all For(e) Healthier Surgically Clean Air Inside their Pro Shop, Offices and Training Rooms

Georgian Peaks Ski Club

Surgically Clean Air Delivers Indoor Air as Mountain Fresh as the Ski Hills of Georgian Peaks Ski Club

Fore Yoga

Surgically Clean Air Offers the Assurance Needed for Yoga Instructors Clients to Feel at Ease

Cambridge Club

Surgically Clean Air Provides a State-of-the-Art Approach to Healthier Air in State of the Art Fitness Centre.

The Boulevard Club

Surgically Clean Air Keeps the Boulevard Club’s 114 Years of Continuous Service Going


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