North East Connecticut Dental Associates

North East Connecticut Dental Associates

Confidence – December 15, 2020

“I bought my units anticipating the H1N1 outbreak but was relieved to find out that they are effective against COVID-19. We have had a couple of staff test positive from outside the office exposures, but so far no in office transmission. Having the units gives my staff and I, the extra confidence that we have taken every precaution we can to mitigate the risk of exposure to our patients and ourselves from COVID-19 and the myriad of other pathogens through aerosol transmission. I would strongly recommend them as a part of any airflow modification plan your making for your office.”

– Dr. J Mooney

Surgically Clean Air Helps Clean the Air and Prevent the Spread of Covid 19 in a Presidential Award-Winning Recipient’s Dental Office


North East Connecticut Dental Associates operates in Putnam, Connecticut, about a 90-minute drive from Boston. The dental office has five (5) Operatories (Ops) serving their clientele. Their operating practices ensure a high standard of dental services, and they offer uncompromising safety as infection control in their offices is especially important to them.

Client need

North East Connecticut Dental Associates office has 8 operatories (4 on one side and 1 on the other side). In early 2020, Dr. Mooney learned in detail about the hazardous air in a dental office – one of the most hazardous working environments in the USA, according to the Department of Labor database analysis. Dr. Mooney, age 60, had previously been diagnosed with a low immune system, so he wanted to make a difference for his staff, patients, and himself – and a good thing he did so before Covid-19 struck.

Surgically Clean Air solution

North East Connecticut Dental Associates purchased Surgically Clean Air commercial air purifiers for the side of the practice with 4 Ops and Jade air purifiers for the one other Ops that they were using on the other side of the facility.


In the months after installing the Surgically Clean Air purifiers, Dr. Mooney’s assistant got COVID from her father. Dr. Mooney, and his assistant, were both unaware that she had been exposed to Covid-19. For at least a week, his assistant and Dr. Mooney worked in the same 10 sq foot x 10 sq ft operatory and were in and about the staff in the front of the office and in the break room. The assistant did not infect Dr. Mooney or any of the office staff or patients, which they attribute in part to the Surgically Clean Air purifiers that they had in the office.

Dr. Mooney was so pleased that he wrote a great testimonial about his Surgically Clean Air Experience and Surgically Clean Air is so pleased that Dr. Mooney is the 2021 recipient of the Etherington Presidential Award – won the Etherington Award – a Presidential Award that recognizes a member of the Dental profession that has led tirelessly with distinction and who puts the Dental profession and the good of the Public before themself.

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