MLSE spokesperson has said, ‘Wherever their professional teams are playing, they want them to breathe the healthiest air possible and do so with Surgically Clean Air.’

Surgically Clean Air is Deeply Embedded in the Success of One of North Americas’ Top Sports Franchise Owners – Playing In Four Different Leagues across Canada and the USA.


Conn Smythe founded MLSE in 1931 to act as a holding company for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL. Today, MLSE is a sports and commercial real estate company based in Toronto, Canada. With assets that include franchises in four of the six major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada, it is Canada’s largest sports and entertainment company and one of the largest in North America. The primary holdings of the company are its major sports franchises, the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Toronto Raptors (NBA), Toronto Argonauts (CFL), Toronto FC (MLS), Toronto Marlies (AHL), Raptors 905 (NBA G League) and Toronto FC II (USL League One). In addition, MLSE’s real estate holdings include Scotiabank Arena, OVO Athletic Centre, BMO Field, Coca-Cola Coliseum, Ford Performance Centre, BMO Training Ground, Lamport Stadium, and their Restaurant locations Real Sports and Eleven.

Client need

MLSE was one of Surgically Clean Air’s first professional sports team clients when the Raptors and the Maple Leafs first installed commercial grade purifiers in their primary and practice facilities. In 2020, MLSE wanted to upgrade their air purification to offer enhanced protection for their NBA and NHL athletes and provide first-level protection to other sports teams and office staff. MLSE also had the added complication of managing teams entering playoff bubbles in Orlando, Florida (NHL) and Canada (NHL).

Surgically Clean Air solution

MLSE’s Head of Engineering purchased Surgically Clean Air Jades purifiers to implement a five-step plan to address all of MLSE’s indoor air purification needs.

1) Playoff Bubble Protection – In the summer of 2020, MSLE shipped their existing Surgically Clean Air Commercial purifiers to Orlando to protect the Raptors (NBA) and in Toronto (NHL) for the Maple Leafs.

2) Staff Protection – After the Playoff Bubbles ended, the existing Surgically Clean Air Commercial purifiers were permanently relocated to protect the office staff across MLSE’s many facilities before the restart of the athletic seasons in the Fall of 2020.

3) Winter 2021 – MLSE ordered 45 Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers across the NHL and NBA teams’ activities.

i) NHL Hockey – Jade purifiers were installed in Scotiabank Arena, Ford Performance Centre and Coco-Cola Centre to protect their professional hockey athletes. In addition, the Jade purifiers were installed in the locker rooms, therapy rooms, medical treatment rooms, and workout training rooms. The Toronto Maple Leafs also take units on the road to protect the players when they visit other NHL arenas that do not offer Surgically Clean Air protection. Additionally, many players personally purchased Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers to protect themselves at home.

ii) NBA Basketball – Surgically Clean Air units were installed in the Raptor’s new home in Tampa in the Locker Rooms, Therapy Rooms, Medical Treatment Rooms, and Workout Training Rooms. The Toronto Raptors also take Jade purifiers on the Road to protect the players when they visit other NBA arenas that do not offer Surgically Clean Air protection. These Surgically Air Purifiers will be relocated to the Raptors Scotiabank Arena and OVO Training Centre facilities for the Fall 2021 season to return to playing in Canada. For over 5 years now, Raptors players have personally purchased units to protect themselves at home, and each year newer team members become clients.

4) Summer 2021 – As MLSE prepares for the reopening of the Toronto Argonauts (CFL) and Toronto FC (MLS) seasons, Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers will be installed in their facilities in BMO Field and Lamport Stadium.

5) Restaurant Locations – MLSE is planning now for the eventual reopening of their public restaurants located within their Arenas and the restaurants located in Maple Leaf Square, and they are working with Surgically Clean Air to design the proper protection plan for their patrons and staff.


MLSE has successfully used surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers that other NHL teams are expanding their purchase of Surgically Clean Air purifiers. In addition, they have visibility on TV broadcasts on the bench behind the coaches to protect them during the game.

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