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McMahon Family Dental

“We take pride in knowing that this not only sets us apart from other dental practices but that we are protecting ourselves from the long-term ramifications of working in such an unhealthy environment.”

– Dr. John McMahon

Surgically Clean Air Passes the Test for Cleaning Dental Office Air


Dr. John McMahon’s office has evolved into a high-end practice that has streamlined digital dentistry. Their approach to dentistry is a proactive, whole health philosophy, which led them into seeking superior and innovative care opportunities for their patients in Michigan.

Client need

Dr. McMahon learned that the Dental Industry is one of the most dangerous professions in the USA due to the toxic bioaerosols produced from ultrasonic instruments in their patient’s mouths. He needed a high-grade air purifying solution to provide healthier solutions for himself, staff, and patients.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Dr. McMahon did his research and decided to test several Surgically Clean Air purifiers in his practice.


Before installing the Surgically Clean Air purifiers, Dr. McMahon conducted an air particle test. Thirty (30) days after purchasing and installing the purifiers in his dental office, he repeated the air test. There was an 84% decrease in airborne particulate throughout the office.

Dr. McMahon was so impressed with the results that he published an article in Dental Economics about his learnings of the Harmful Air in the Dental Office and how Dentists like himself need to find the right air cleaning solution.

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