Mayville Veterinary

Mayville Veterinary

“The unit seems to be working well. Clients love seeing that we have one. So far, no issues with patients (animals) messing with it”.

– Dr. Nicole Wernette

Surgically Clean Air’s Robust Air Cleaning Waiting Room Air To Keep People Healthier


Established in 2000 in Michigan, USA, Mayville Veterinary provides full-service care to dogs, cats, rabbits, and small rodents. They have the latest technology providing digital x-ray services, ultrasound, ultrasonic dental scaling, dental extractions, in-house blood testing, gas anesthesia, and laser surgery.

Client need

Veterinarians are at more than just physical risk due to the risk of injury from the pets themselves. A Vet’s health is also at risk from the airborne contaminants generated doing surgical procedures on the animals, and person-to-person illness spread from their owners. Therefore, the Hospital needed a medically capable air cleaning solution that could meet the demands of their diverse client-patient spectrum.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In 2020, Mayville Veterinary Clinic installed a Surgically Clean Air Jade in their waiting reception area.


Mayville Veterinary Clinic’s staff of 10 people experienced the change in the air quality, with its fresher, more accessible to breathe nature and odour-free feeling.

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