Marblehead Fitness Centre

Marblehead Fitness Centre

The most significant benefit we have noticed with our Surgically Clean Air machines is that it helps with peace of mind, people notice them, and you see a nod of confidence knowing they are there.

– Luke Behn

Surgically Clean Air is Perfectly Fit for the Health Air Needs of a Busy Fitness Centre


Located north of Boston, USA, Marblehead Fitness Centre is a full-service workout facility that offers all types of workout classes, individual workout areas covering weight training, cardio machines and recovery services (i.e. Massage).

Client need

Leading microbiologist Dr. Laura Bowater says that due to many people working out in close proximity to each other, viruses can spread quickly from one human to another, which leaves the gym-goer open to lots of different ways in which they can pick up an infection. To address these types of concerns and give their clients the peace of mind that the gym was safe, Marblehead Fitness wanted an air cleaning solution that could protect the large population of High School athletes working out here after school, professional athletes, retired pro athletes and others.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Marblehead Fitness purchased Surgically Clean Jade air purifiers and installed two of them in the open gym area.


Marblehead Fitness Centre wants people to leave healthier than when they walked in, and with Surgically Clean Air in the gym, everyone is better off working out in the healthy, clean air.

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