Mac Animal Clinic

Mac Animal Clinic

I ordered our first three surgically clean air machines in 2019, one commercial unit for the clinic and two smaller units for the house. I was immediately impressed by the improvement in our air quality, but the long term benefits are what has led me to purchase additional units and recommend Surgically Clean Air to several family and friends.
Our large commercial unit is positioned in the surgical theatre to provide our surgical patients with the cleanest air possible and further reduce potential airborne contamination of surgical sites. In addition, it is a great comfort to know that these machines can decrease airborne disease such as Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease or Feline Respiratory Diseases, allowing us to provide additional infectious disease control. The machines have also allowed me to provide a safer work environment for my staff, this benefit became even more significant when the COVID pandemic emerged. Our clients frequently compliment us on how great our hospital smells. I’ve worked in many veterinary clinics and being told a veterinary clinic smells good is just not something we typically hear. Our clinic doesn’t smell like a clinic or disinfectant, it smells clean and fresh and it creates a significantly more welcoming and healthier atmosphere for our patients and their owners.
As a veterinarian who is allergic to animals and pollen and lives with four dogs and a cat … spring and ragweed season are always a very uncomfortable time of year for me. When I first spoke to Richard, we were in the midst of renovating the clinic in the middle of allergy season. Richard could hear how congested I was and promised the machines would drastically improve my quality of life. I was not disappointed! Since installing the machines in the clinic and in my home I have not had to suffer through an allergy season. I can actually tell by my symptoms when it is time to clean the machines, which is a testament to how much relief they provide. The machines are extremely easy to maintain and the company provides excellent technical support.
Last but not least, the customer service has been as great as the products themselves. Since we purchased our first units from Richard in 2019, he has continued to provide excellent communication and support to us and the friends and family we referred.

Surgically Clean Air provides four-legged patients and the humans that care for them with clean and healthy air!


Mac Animal Clinic in Oakville Canada is composed of passionate pet owners. They offer a Fear Free Certified Practice in which their entire team has undergone additional training to allow them to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. They are committed to caring for a pet’s emotional and physical well being.

Client need

As with any hospital environment, there is increased exposure to pathogens and also increased chemical use for sanitization. The practice owner wanted to maximize the safety of their four legged patients, paw-rents and veterinary staff members. The Surgically Clean Air machines have not only eliminated that “hospital smell” or “animal smell” but also significantly decrease the risk of air-borne pathogens to both humans and animals within the hospital. The machines also remove any fearful pheromones so patients are entering “neutral” territory.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In 2019 Mac Animal Clinic installed a Surgically Clean Air commercial air purifier and has since added two smaller units for the reception area and consultation rooms. The clinic owner also purchased a commercial unit and a Jade unit for her home.


Our team is delighted with the benefits of having the Surgically Clean Air units. We are frequently complimented on how “good” our clinic smells and many note that it doesn’t smell “like an animal hospital”. More importantly, we have noticed that our team members rarely get sick and there is no typical “office flu season”, we certainly attribute this success to our Surgically Clean Air units. The clinic owner is also allergic to animals and pollen and has found a dramatic improvement in her allergy symptoms.


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