Surgically Clean Air Ensures that Law Industry Insurer Has Cleaner and Healthier Indoor Office Air


Specializing in insurance for the legal profession, LAWPRO provides primary errors and omissions insurance coverage for lawyers operating in Ontario, Canada. Their offices are located on the 3rd floor of a huge office building in downtown Toronto.

Client need

LawPro, like many other professional services firms located in large office buildings in some of North America’s densest cities, is a greater risk of falling victim to person-to-person illness spread. The immediate need for LawPro was protecting their staff from the spread of Covid-19 person-to-person. But beyond Covid-19, the staff working at Lawpro were at a long term risk of catching other illnesses, as germs and viruses, like Influenza and the common cold, can travel up to 10 stories through an extensive office building HVAC system

Surgically Clean Air solution

In January 2021, LawPro’s Director of Human Resources & Administration ordered 5 Surgically Clean Air Jades to be used throughout the office area to protect the skeleton staff when they needed to be in the office during the Covid-19 pandemic.


After installing their initial Surgically Clean Air purifiers, we are awaiting the office to be fully open to all of the staff to offer additional protection.

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