Las Vegas Golden Knights

Las Vegas Golden Knights

Surgically Clean Air Battles Unhealthy Air to Keep The Las Vegas Knights at Their Best Night After Night


As one of the newest teams to enter the National Hockey League (NHL), The Vegas Golden Knights were founded as an expansion team and began playing in the 2017–18 NHL season. The Knights were a winning team going deep into the Playoffs and competing in the Stanley Cup Championships right out of the gate. Unlike many NHL teams, they started in brand new facilities (T Mobile Arena) built alongside the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Client need

The Las Vegas Golden Knights faced all the unhealthy air contaminants that resulted from sweating, heavy breathing players coming and going from the Locker Room and Training facilities. Additionally, unlike many other NHL teams, they also faced the airborne contaminants that come from being in a brand-new facility. The paint, carpets, new building materials, and new equipment can all produce very harmful off-gassing of Volaille Organic Chemicals (VOCs) that can deplete the air of valuable oxygen in each breath. The Trainer and Facilities Managers needed to ensure that they were clearing the air of all these harmful human and chemical contaminants so the athletes could perform at their best night after night.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In 2018, the Las Vegas Knights ordered their first Surgically Clean Air commercial-grade purifiers in the T-Mobile Arena and their practice arena. The units were first used in the Locker Rooms and Training Rooms.


After experiencing the benefits of having cleaner and healthier air for their players and coaching staff to breathe when they are all in proximity in the locker rooms, the Las Vegas Knights have ordered more Surgically Clean Air units for additional areas in their facilities 2019 and again in 2020.

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