JRoberts Manufacturing

JRoberts Manufacturing

Surgically Clean Air Fabricates a Specialized Solution for JRoberts Manufacturing


JRoberts Manufacturing began its operations in 1997. They produce parts for virtually any industry, including transportation, oil & gas, mining, food & beverage, materials handling, military, defence, construction, medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, electronics and others. Based in Concord, Canada, its 85,000 square feet of production spans three facilities.

Client need

In the 20,000 square foot shop, JRoberts Manufacturing had a bad air problem with airborne contaminants, including grinder dust, cutting bits and harmful welding fumes.

Surgically Clean Air solution

JRoberts manufacturing installed an Ecoair Industrial air purifier in their shop area. With its ability to circulate 15,500 cubic feet per minute, the Ecoair would provide several complete air changes per hour, which offered a great air cleaning solution.


They have been successfully operating their Ecoair for over a year now. However, after initially installing the Ecoair, JRoberts and Surgically Clean Air determined that they needed a more specialized filter media to meet the robust needs of their dirty air, which they worked together to develop.

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