Islington Golf Club

Islington Golf Club

Golf Course is all For(e) Healthier Surgically Clean Air Inside their Pro Shop, Offices and Training Rooms


Established in 1923, Islington Golf Club is one of the oldest golf clubs in North America. Its location in Toronto, Canada, creates a perfect oasis for some of Canada’s most successful people to enjoy the great game of golf. In 2019, the club was voted the ‘Club of the Year’ by the Canadian Society of Club Managers. Its rich history as a heritage course has PGA pros looking forward to returning to Islington as part of the RBC Canadian Open will be held here in the next few years.

Client need

The Pro Shop at a Golf Course can often be a busy place with all the merchandise racks for people to shop, people coming and going to book/pay for their round of golf, and a place where golfers like to chat about their upcoming round with other club members. This can create the perfect spreading site for person-to-person germs and illness. Islington Golf Club needs a robust air cleaning solution for the Golf Pro Shop.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Islington Golf Club purchased their first Surgically Clean Air Jade in 2020 to make the Golf Pro Shop healthier for the staff that work there all day and the members that pass through.


The Golf Pro Shop Staff were so pleased with their first Surgically Clean Air Jade that the club purchased additional units to install in the office areas to protect the administrative staff from person-to-person illness spread and in the indoor winter golf training rooms.

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