Home Hardware Stores Ltd.

Home Hardware Stores Ltd.

Surgically Clean Air’s EcoAir System Delivers Two Big Benefits for Home Hardware Stores Ltd Big Warehouse


Home Hardware Stores Ltd. is a privately held Canadian home improvement, construction materials, and furniture retailer founded in 1964. The chain is co-operatively owned by over 1100 independently owned member stores, including one of them located in the French territory of Saint Pierre & Miquelon. With more than 60,000 hardline SKUs, Home Hardware can compete in every meaningful category with anyone in the marketplace.

Client need

Home Hardware operates six (6) Bulk Storage Distribution Centres that face both a human needed and a business need regarding the air in their large scale facility.

1) Airborne Particulate – With such a large amount of product being handled in the Bulk Storage Facilities and done without packaging on the products, a large amount of airborne particulate enters the air. This particulate can cause health issues such as COPD and other long-term ailments. Therefore, home Hardware needed an air cleaning solution to protect its employees better.

2) Cold Air Infiltration in Winter – The loading dock doors in each Bulk Storage Centre open and constantly close as Trucks Load and Unload. Given Canadian winters, each time the doors are open, air as cold as -30C/22F degrees rushed in and created an uncomfortable environment for Associates working in this area. Combating this with high-energy heaters is ineffective and cost-prohibitive. Home Hardware needed to circulate the existing warm air within the warehouse to dilute the cold air to reduce their heating costs.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Given the large 15,500 cubic feet per minute circulation capacity, two Surgically Clean Air EcoAir units have been installed in each of the three (3) facilities. The EcoAir System draws in a large quantity of cool air at floor level, passes it through cleaning filtration stages to remove the dust and other in-air contaminants, and then sends the air up towards the ceiling to mix with the warmer upper air, serving to quickly even the temperature from floor to ceiling with cleaner air.


Home Hardware was so pleased after installing their first unit that they ordered five more to cover all their facilities effectively. Home Hardware’s first and foremost reason for installing EcoAir was to protect their employees better, which they have successfully done. In addition, improving their heating costs through better air destratification, a bonus will pay out their investment quickly.

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