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“Twice in the past 9 months one of my staff thought they had allergies, and when tested, it was determined they were Covid positive. They did not catch it from work…The most recent [incident] worked with us for 3 days with what she thought was allergies… she found out on the third day that she tested positive [for Covid-19]. Not a single other member of the staff got sick. I truly believe its because of the Surgically Clean Air units, no other member of my staff got sick”

– Dr. Theresa Scott.

Surgically Clean Air Purifiers Given a Big Thank You for Helping Stop the Spread of Covid-19 to Others in a Dental Office in Texas USA


Since 1997 Dr. Theresa Scott has built her successful dental practice – Holistic Dental Associates – in Spring, Texas, USA. When it comes to preserving, enhancing and beautifying our smiles, she wants the best. The best care. The best service. The best results. The best dental office environment.

Client need

Dr. Scott wanted a Dental Office grade air cleaning solution for her 3,000 square foot office to deal with the airborne hazards, including endocrine disrupters, residual mercury vapor, and reduce allergens in the office’s indoor air. Her staff, and herself, got sick on average 3 to 4 times per year from person-to-person illness spread from her patients. So, she was also keen to find a solution that could reduce the risk of catching an illness.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Dr. Theresa Scott ordered her first Surgically Clean Air purifiers well before Coivd-19 existed to help protect herself and her staff from the common illnesses they used to catch from their patients and the other hazardous chemicals that exist in the Dental Office air. Then, when the Covid-19 pandemic started, they ordered more Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers to increase the air changes per hour in the office to protect everyone further.


From the moment they installed their Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers, Dr. Scott and the staff could tell the difference in the air quality – to them, it was immediate – and it helped stop the spread of Covid-19.

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