Heart Beatz Child Care

Heart Beatz Childcare

Surgically Clean Air Shows Heart Keeping the Kids Happy and the Staff Safe


Active in their community for over 40 years, Heart Beatz Child Care operates six child care facilities in Toronto, Canada. Their programmes include child care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children from kindergarten to grade 6.

Client need

During the Covid pandemic, the Government deemed Child Care an essential service, and they were to remain open. The Board wanted to do all they could to protect the children and staff, and cleaning the air was a pivotal step to their protection plan.

Surgically Clean Air solution

After doing their research, Heart Beatz decided to order 15 Surgically Clean Air Jade for three of the Child Care locations that would re-open during the Covid-19 pandemic and the Community Centre that they continued to operate.


Heat Beatz has operated effectively to date, and they look forward to offering Surgically Clean Air in their facilities for years to come.

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