Garda World

Garda World

Surgically Clean Air Drives Great Health Results for Global Security


GardaWorld Corporation is a Canadian private security firm. They operate in over 200 offices worldwide and have 48,000 employees. The company is the second-largest consulting and security services firm in the world. They offer physical security guard services as well as armoured car services.

Client need

In addition to the dirty air in the money processing rooms, with such large fleet trucks, the garages where the armoured trucks enter and leave their Toronto facility were filled with toxic exhaust and fumes. This contaminated air would permeate the nearby offices and create excellent health conditions for the office workers.

Surgically Clean Air solution

GardaWorld purchased their first Surgically Clean Air purifier in 2011 and later expanded to 15 units for use in their money sorting operation in the ‘Cash Room,’ ‘Coin Room,’ ‘vaults,’ Monitoring Control Room and in the Driver’s Offices which is adjacent to their ‘Armoured Truck’ garage.


Most noticeably, after installing Surgically Clean Air, the amount of dirt taken from the air and collected by the electronic cell in their air purifier in the garage office areas each month is impressive (see video of cleaning the dirty cell).

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