East York Animal Clinic

East York Animal Clinic

Long time Surgically Clean Air Client Upgrades Their Purifiers To Keep Their Clients and Pets Even More Comfortable


For over 55 years, East York Animal Clinic has been operating as a full-service veterinary clinic in Toronto, Canada. They offer on-site laboratory, imaging, surgical, and pharmaceutical services. From their spacious reception area to our well-equipped patient rooms, they aim to keep their clients and their pets comfortable and healthy in the clinic.

Client need

The East York Animal Clinic knew that providing cleaner indoor air within their Clinic would not only make the clients more comfortable, but it would also make the air healthier for the pets and the staff working in the Clinic. Analysis of the US Department of Labor database shows that Vets are working in the fourth (4th) Most Dangerous Job for a Person’s Health. The Clinic had been using Surgically Clean Air purifiers since 2011, but they wanted to upgrade to the latest technology to provide better coverage.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In 2018, East York Animal Clinic’s Assistant Manager, a Registered Veterinary Technician herself, and a member of the team for 19 years chose to upgrade their Surgically Clean air units to provide better coverage across the reception area and downstairs where the Pet Diagnostics, examinations, x-rays, blood work and surgeries are done.


Building on their previous experience, the East York Animal Clinic has been experiencing even cleaner and healthier indoor air over the past three years since they upgraded.

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