Dr. Grace Yum (MDIB)


“I LOVE this product”

– Dr. Grace Yum

Surgically Clean Air Lovingly Cleans Dental Office Air for Mommy Dentists Across North America


Mommy Dentists in Business (MDIB) was started in June of 2017 by Dr. Grace Yum. She felt that dentistry was missing that component of comradery, so she created a Facebook group to connect dentists from all over the world, especially dentists like herself, moms that are business owners.

In addition to managing the MDIB community, Dr. Yum hosts her podcast, Mommy Dentists in Business Podcast. With 11 complete seasons, Dr. Yum’s podcast has been in the iTunes Top 100, was ranked #3 of 15 of the top dental podcasts by Patterson Dental’s “Off the Cusp” publication and has been downloaded nearly 80,000 times. Dr. Yum has appeared on the TODAY Show on NBC, Parents Magazine and more. She has also appeared on many podcasts, with topics covering dentistry, work/life balance and business tips for the working mom.

Client need

Dr. Grace Yum wanted a highly effective air purifier for herself. In addition, she wanted to find a unit that she could recommend to her MDIB community to help them combat the dangerous bio-aerosolized air in a dental practice. Finally, given that most of her followers operated smaller dental offices, she needed a compact and easy install system that would handle the robust requirements of a dental practice.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Dr. Grace Yum ordered a Surgically Clean Air Jade for herself and then quickly set upon recommending it to her MDIB community across North America.


Within a few weeks, MDIB members ordered and installed Surgically Clean Air Jades in their dental practices across North America as a critical step to safely reopening after the Covid-19 pandemic shut the industry down for several months. By the end of spring 2020, more than 50 practices and more than 100 Surgically Clean Air Jades protected dentists, their staff, and clients from the harmful air in a dental office. In addition, she dedicated a Podcast to Surgically Clean Air.

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