Dr. Brett Gilbert

brett Gilbert

“I’ve got my Surgically Clean Air unit as close to the operatories as I can get to filter the air from the operatory. This unit surgically cleans the air in the office every 30 minutes and kills any potential airborne

– Dr. Brett Gilbert

Surgically Clean Air is a Key Part of Dental Educator Dr. Brett Gilbert’s Protection Regime at the Office and at Home


Dr. Brett E. Gilbert graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School, completing his DDS in 2001 and attaining his Certificate in Endodontics in 2003. He is currently a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Endodontics at the University of Illinois-Chicago, College of Dentistry and on staff at Presence Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago. He served as President of the Illinois Association of Endodontists in 2011. As President of the Northwest Side Branch of the Chicago Dental Society in 2013-2014, Dr. Gilbert was honoured by the Seattle Study Club as a Top Ten Young Dental Educator in America in 2017.

Client need

Dr. Gilbert needed a robust air cleaning solution to deal with the harmful airborne contaminants in his dental office – an unhealthy mixture of bio-aerosolized human germs, chemicals, odors, and more known to be harmful to himself, his staff and his patients.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In 2018, Dr. Brad Gilbert ordered his first Surgically Clean Air Commercial air purifier for his office in Chicago. More recently he has purchased an additional Surgically Clean Air Jade for his Lobby and two Jades to offer protection from unhealthy air at home.


Dr. Gilbert has been so pleased with the Surgically Clean Air purifiers that he speaks about them in his
continuing education courses, in his written articles, and on social media.

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