Dome Production

Dome Production

Surgically Clean Air Produces Cleaner, Healthier Air for Dome Productions


Dome Productions is one of North America’s leading production facilities providers, offering mobile production facilities, transmission services, studio facilities and full turnkey host broadcast services. They have a fleet of 18 multi-format production mobiles, 7 support units, 1 production/uplink mobile and 3 uplink tractors. Their TV production facilities are used to broadcast live sport throughout North America including Major League Baseball (MLB), the World Junior Hockey Championship and the NHL games taking place in Canada in 2021.

Client need

Dome Productions objective was to protect the producers who share the same stale air for hours on end in the windowless production trucks. They also wanted to remove any airborne dust and particulate that can cause damage to their expensive studio equipment.

Surgically Clean Air solution

A Surgically Clean Air Rep reached out to a friend who has been a Tv Sports Producer. This producer introduced him to Dome Productions. Dome Productions placed 2 Surgically Clean Air Jade air purifiers in each of 9 TV Production Trailers, installing them on the specially designed wall mount brackets that Surgically Clean Air has designed to keep the purifiers up off the ground.


Dome Productions are more than pleased with their Surgically Clean Air Jades and will be buying more as they bring more Mobile TV Production Trucks on stream.


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