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DMB Financial

Surgically Clean Air Sells Jade Purifiers to One of Its First USA Clients to Boost Employee Performance


DMB Financial is a Leader in providing Debt Settlement & Debt Relief. DMB has helped more than 30,000 people resolve their burdensome debt by working directly with creditors on their clients’ behalf.

Client need

DMB Financial is based in a three-storey office building on an outskirt of Boston, USA. In 2019, they had a 22% employee absenteeism issue related to sick days. As a result, DMB wanted to try and reduce the spread of illness between employees.

Surgically Clean Air solution

After reading articles from the Harvard Business Review discussing employee performance and the correlation to clean indoor office air, DMB decided that offering cleaner, healthier, and energized indoor air would help with their Absenteeism issues and help to perk up the employees, especially in the afternoon. As a result, DMB became one of the first USA clients to purchase Surgically Clean Air Jades when they were first introduced.


DMB Financial has subsequently leased more than 2 dozen Surgically Clean Air Jades. They originally bought them to reduce expected person-to-person illness spread (air cleaning) and boost employee productivity (with negative ions). When the Covid-19 pandemic started, DMB was already prepared to protect their employees, having had the Surgically Clean air purifiers in place the year before (2019).

Noteworthy – DMB Financial’s Leasing company later became a Surgically Clean Air client.

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