CIBC Capital Markets

CIBC Capital Markets

Surgically Clean Air Test Expands to Cover Global Corporate Banking Network of CIBC Capital Markets


The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is one of Canada’s “Big Five” banks. CIBC was formed in 1961. It has international operations in the United States, the Caribbean, Asia, and the United Kingdom. CIBC serves more than eleven million clients and has over 40,000 employees globally. The company ranks at number 172 on the Forbes Global 2000 listing.

CIBC Capital Markets division partners with corporations, governments, and institutional clients in key financial centres worldwide to develop customized solutions that enable them to access capital, expand their operations and actively invest.

Client need

CIBC Capital Markets Head Office is located in one of Canada’s most iconic buildings in the heart of the Financial District in Toronto, Canada. They also have offices in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Chicago, New York, Houston, Milwaukee, California, Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Luxembourg, and London, UK. In addition, CIBC Capital Markets’ offices are located within significant buildings shared by other tenants on other floors. As a result, CIBC Capital Markets needed a highly effective air cleaning solution that could protect CIBC’s employees from indoor air contaminants that they generated on their floor and from indoor air contaminants that would circulate through the HVAC systems of the office towers. Research has shown that germs can spread up to 10 floors in a significant office building as its HVAC system recirculates them.

Surgically Clean Air solution

The VP of Real Estate Management for CIBC Capital Markets knew that back in 2017, a small portion of CBIC had success with a few early models of Surgically Clean Air. He did his research and decided in September 2020 to test 15 of Surgically Clean Air’s newest Jade units to protect the skeleton crew of the Toronto Head Office working through the Covid-19 pandemic. Within four weeks, the results were in, and the staff made it quite clear that they noticed the cleaner air difference and wanted the test units to stay where they were forever. The VP knew he had found the solution to protect the staff and give them the confidence that their offices had healthier indoor air. He leased a second order to cover the rest of the Canadian offices for installation in Q1 2021.


After installing Surgically Clean Air in the Canadian Offices, word got around to the International offices. CIBC Capital Markets is placing orders to outfit their offices in the USA and worldwide with Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers.

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