Charger Logistics

Charger Logistics

Surgically Clean Air Delivers Cleaner, Healthier Air for Charger Logistics and their 200 Employees


Charger Logistics Inc. was founded in 2003 and has become a Tier 1 carrier with a strong reputation across North America’s transportation industry. Charger Logistics provides logistics solutions to over 900 clients. In 2017 they moved their headquarters to a brand-new facility in Brampton, Canada.

Client need

Charger Logistics is an essential service transporting necessary goods, and they needed to have workers in their offices at all times. There are 200 Employees in a three-storey head office, each floor spanning 5,000 square feet, plus an area where the Truck Drivers gather between trips as their trucks are being loaded/unloaded. To keep all of these employees safe, Charger Logistics needed to clean their indoor air to keep it as healthy as possible – preventing the spread of illnesses from employee-to-employee – and removing other airborne contaminants found in the air of many large scale warehouse/office complexes.

Surgically Clean Air solution

A Senior Leader at Charger Logistics discovered Surgically Clean Air when he visited his dentist for a routine appointment. After learning from the Dental Office Staff about their experience with their Jades, he had one of his direct reports (Sr. Manager of Service Infrastructure) place their first order for 20 Surgically Clean Air Jades.


After receiving their first order in January 2021 and placing them around the office, Charger Logistics was so pleased with the Surgically Clean Air Jades that they placed another order for 10 units.

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