Cachet Village Hospital

Cachet Village Hospital

We have had a Surgically Clean Air unit in our treatment area of our veterinary hospital and love it! The air is so much lighter and cleaner, the odours in the clinic are almost non-existent, and that 2 o’clock wall does not seem to come anymore since our air is much cleaner. I wish we would have got one years ago.

– Dr. Danny DeRose, Cachet Village Animal Hospital

Surgically Clean Air’s Modern Technology is Perr-fectly Suited for New Animal Hospital’s Needs


Located in Markham, Canada (just outside Toronto), Cachet Village Hospital is VCA Canada. Dr. Danny DeRose in 2009 because he wanted to give back to the community in which he lives and deliver well-informed veterinary care to pets and their families. The new modern clinic uses up-to-date equipment within its facility.

Client need

The US Labor Database ranks ‘Veterinarian’ as the #4 most Hazardous Job to A Person’s Health due to the risk of injury from the pets themselves, from the airborne contaminants generated doing surgical procedures, and from ill animals and their owners. Dr. DeRose wanted a medically capable air cleaning solution for his modern and leading-edge clinic that could protect his staff, the animals, and the owners.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In 2016 Cachet Village Hospital installed their first commercial-grade Surgically Clean Air purifier in their main examination room to provide up to 3 air changes per hour.


The staff quickly experienced the change in the air quality, with its fresher, more accessible to breathe nature and odor-free feeling. As a bonus, the healthy and reenergized air (negative ions) puts an end to the staff’s mid-afternoon tiredness that affects workers in all places of work as the air inside gets dirtier and less energized the workday progresses.

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