Brinks – Money Vaults

Brinks – Money Vaults

Surgically Clean Air Cleans Up in the Dirty Money Business


The Brink’s Company is an American security and protection company. Brink’s brand and reputation span around the globe. Its international network serves customers in more than 100 countries and employs approximately 70,000 people. Operations include about 1,100 facilities and 13,300 vehicles.

Client need

Sorting and counting money is a dangerous job as the money spreads toxic contaminants and dust into the air or sorting facilities. In the vault, there are many employees, and as the money trucks come into the transfer area, it exposes them to toxic fumes. Once the money was transferred to the counting area within the vaults, the employees complained of breathing issues and the need to wear masks. In addition, these employees needed an air cleaning solution that could keep up with the dirty air created by the Day and Night shifts.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Surgically Clean Air installed one in each vault to heavy-duty commercial grade Cascade White air purifiers. These powerful air cleaners needed to keep up with the filthy air. The Cascade Whites were also required to be robust and sturdy enough to withstand the physical demands of a busy working area with many moving people with heavy money baskets on wheels being pushed around.


Since installing Surgically Clean Air Purifiers in 2014, the harmful airborne pollutants from counting coins and bills have been effectively captured. As a result, the employee’s working conditions have improved noticeably. In addition, head Office management was pleased with reducing employee complaints about ‘dirty air.’

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